10 Worst Things to Say Right After Sex


Joy10 Worst Things to Say Right After Sex-Many lovers are blind to some realities about bad things being said after a good or bad sex encounter. After a steamy action-filled time spent with your guy, your brains may be feeling a bit dizzy, but watch out what comes out of your mouth! There are some things that you should avoid telling your man after making love to save your relationship from disaster. Here are 10 worst things that one can say right after sex.

“Hurry up, my boyfriend’s on his way”: We’re not judging or anything, but mentioning about your boyfriend right after you’ve done with another guy is a total mood killer.

Compare game: Comparing your man in bed to your ex is a horrible thing to do at any moment, but after sex, it’s an absolute no-no!

Mommy talks: Talking something even remotely related to his mother will deflate his mood in less than a second. Keep those talks for another time.

“You can leave”: We don’t care what your feelings towards him are. But, seriously asking a guy to leave right after sex, is cold-blooded.

“I love you”: Yes, we know how emotional women can get after the big O. But, if it’s a one-night stand or casual sex, refrain from using these three words, unless that’s your plot to get rid of a guy.

Fishing for complimentsEveryone wants to hear good things about their performance. But, don’t fish for compliments right after sex. It makes you come across as needy and is a total deal breaker. No man is in a mood to appease you insecurity right after sex.

Cum later: It’s no secret that most times men finish before women. But, telling him something like, “wish you could’ve lasted longer” is going to hurt his ego and only add more pressure next time. Also, it will completely kill the beautiful moment right after sex.

Learn new moves: Ok, so your sex life has become monotonous and boring, but telling him to learn new moves right after sex is not going to solve the problem. In fact, it’s only going to make things worse. Choose another time to discuss such things.

cancer researchOk-ok: It’s always a good idea to shower your man with compliments on his moves right after sex. Trust us, this will go a long way. But, if your man asks you about his performance, don’t answer saying, “it was so-so” or “not bad”. He’s bound to think he didn’t perform well. Choose your words wisely.

“Tiny”: No guy ever wants to hear that word about his package. Using words like ‘cute’ doesn’t help either. It sends a wrong message of meaning the opposite