Kefee’s ‘Eguono’ sets off a new heart beat as 25th January date Pumps up Kokoroko Queen's love drive!

Kefee catches a new love fever as she is set to launch Eguono

The new sensation in Nigeria’s pop music world, Kefee is at it again!

The music super Queen of love  who recently visited London to dish out some of those hot numbers that shot her into the limelight has for some time been  ‘ambushing’  puzzling many as to what’s next on her musical menu.

Adeline Adebayo, her international promoter confided recently to EMnnews Entertainment that the pop music Queen has been busy  put finishing touches on hew new sensation ‘Eguono’.

“She is perfect and only left London recently to perfect her new number”, Adeline explained.

The international award winning singer and songwriter has confirmed that come January 25, her new ace to water everybody’s love appetite will be unveiled.

Adeline said: “She  has been ‘ambushing’  to perfect the work as Eguono, her new hit which had been anticipated for long is set for release on 25th of January 2011. Then she has been taken some rest after the hard work”

The release will come in form of two main packages, doubling in audio track and music video sensational wrap-up – all in  simultaneous releases  target.

Kefee: 'Kefee-nating' in new love mood

The two masterpiece of a musical display are receiving finishing touches at various locations both in Nigeria and in London where shootings and video effects are being imputed and perfected.

Recently, she had beeen sighted at locations in Lagos and London sweating out shooting the new classic.

Shots from her various locations has been released for a sneaked preview and we can confirm they are really sensational.

The song was produced by Tee Y Mix and the video directed by top Nigerian Director, Clarence Peters.

Clarence Peters is a renowned  producer and director whose work on the new release would be appraciated across the world, especially among the local   videos producers.

‘Eguono’ , sang in Urhobo means love, and the record speaks for itself with so many attached fusions and local and international effects.

“It is a classic work of an hard working music star who will leave no stone unturned to please her teeming fans”, said Adeline, continuing.

Adeline said the new number  (a single)  is a mixture of  of African rhythms fused with a soulful western textural output, a creativity with a class distinction.

Kefee; Sexy Kefee sets a new love mood in Eguono

For Kefee, 2010 was a particularly busy and fulfilling year with shows and concerts in Nigeria and internationally.

She was invited to take part in a  major concert during the last  50th anniversary celebration in London. The show which was held at the famous London Trafalgar Square was a hit; first of its kind in Europe in terms of out show public attendance with turn out crowd never  unsurpassed   in history. She also performed in the  US last year on invitation of various music promoters.

Kefee and International promoter, Adeline

More on the video and and the record  shall be  featured on this Entertainment column soon.

Official release date: “5/01/2011.

Credit: Nollywood Uncut