12- year old girl impregnated by Dad,37…claimed she was enticed by daughter in bed.

Phillip Benson
Phillip Benson

A 37 years old man, Philip Benson, is in police custody for allegedly defiling his 12 years old daughter (name withheld).

The incident happened at Ipakodo area of Ikorodu when Mr. Benson, a father of three, allegedly had sex with his daughter in their two-room apartment.

The primary six pupil became pregnant, despite her father’s various concoctions to stop her from taking in.

The victim’s female teacher noticed signs of pregnancy and queried her on how she got pregnant; she then revealed how her father had defiled her on different occasions.

Police spokesperson, Frank Mba, while parading the suspect at the Oduduwa Police Station on Thursday, said the man used threats and hunger to cajole his daughter to have sex with him.

“This is a most horrible and reprehensible case I have ever handled as the police spokesperson. On the 8th of June, 2010, a Good Samaritan, who had been watching the girl, noticed signs of pregnancy and her teacher in her school also noticed the changes in her.

“The two adults worked together and talked to the girl and she confided in them that her father has been having sex with her.

The case was reported at the Ipakodo Police Station and when police officers interacted with her, they discovered that the crime has been going on for the past two years.

This man has slept with his daughter repeatedly and continuously, and to get her to submit to his amorous assault, he will threaten her with death and starvation.”

Mr. Mba added that a pregnancy test carried out on the victim shows that she is pregnant.

“We will carry out much more clinical test to determine how long she has been pregnant,” Mr. Mba said.

Mr. Benson, from Akwa Ibom State, has been married twice. His first wife, who is the mother of the twelve years old girl, left him for another man and his second wife, who bore him a set of twin boys, died five years ago. He, however, said his daughter lured him to having sex with her.

‘She tempted me’

“I am a driver with a private company. When my second wife died, I went to the village to collect my daughter from my first wife who left me, because I heard that men were chasing her and I don’t want them to get her pregnant.

There was one day I came back from work and I was tired and I slept off. When I woke up in the night, she was lying beside me naked. I was moved, and that was how I started sleeping with her, but I only slept with her two times and she was not a virgin.”

The victim, however, denied her father’s allegation.

“He beats me and said I should not tell anybody we sleep together. He has slept with me many times and I cannot count it. I don’t have any boy friend and any time he has sex with me, he will give me drug and hot drink and warn me not to tell anybody.”

Mr. Benson said he will take responsibility for his daughter’s pregnancy.

“I know that what I have done is bad, and I feel bad. I am still her father and I will not allow her to abort the pregnancy. This type of thing is a taboo in my place and I will buy some things for sacrifice to cleanse my daughter of any evil that will befall her.”

Mr. Mba said the suspect will be charged to court for alleged defilement.

“We will prosecute the suspect, but we are still interested in the welfare of the girl. The police have spoken to Project Alert and other human rights group to come to her assistance. She needs help psychologically and we will ensure that she is well taken care of,” said the police boss.

Source: 234NEXT