14-year- old defiled by Imam.. say “I love her and want her for marriage”

Alfa Okar
Alfa Okar

A 52-year-old Lagos based Islamic cleric has defiled a 14-year old girl in a Mosque, reports emerging from Lagos claimed

The cleric, who has been identified as Alfa Okah, is undergoing interrogation at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti, Yaba, Lagos after he was arrested.

He, however denied having canal knowledge of the girl telling detectives that he only inserted his fingers in her private part.

Alfa Okar was alleged to have made love to the girl (names withheld), in a mosque in Surulere area in Lagos  metropolis.

He allegedly  performed his act  severally in the mosque.

The victim’s guardian, Marian, is said to be the wife of the Imam who actually takes charge of the mosque as the leader Imam.

According to sources,  the man’s wife had reported to the police that the victim had been missing for some weeks.

During interrogation, it was discovered that Okah had been fiddling with the girl’s body , apparently having amorous companionship  with her in a secret place.

He confessed to  knowing th girl’s whereabouts as police commence a desperate search to fish her out after she was reported missing.

One of the detectives interrogating him told Daily Sun that Imam Okah  later took detective s to Akute area of Ogun State, where he had kept the girl apparently exploiting her body .

“When we got to the house, we only met a man, who revealed that Okah slept with a young girl and kept her in his custody”, he explained.

Okah later confessed to Daily Sun that he was actually dating the girl, adding that he had the intention of marrying her.

“She is my lover. She was 12 years old when I started dating her, but I have not made love to her. I only romanced and fingered her each time I had sexual urge.

“You know she is still young. I am only nurturing her to grow before I could start sleeping with her.” On the girl’s real age, he said: “The police are just saying that she is 14. No, she is 15. She is my girlfriend and I know her age.”

He explained that he took her to Ogun State, because she complained of being maltreated by her guardian and was ready to go back to her parents, who also live in Akute.

He said: “As a lover, who has her interest in mind, I decided to support her in the little way I could. I paid her transport fare and kept her in my friend’s house, while we were still tracing her parents’ whereabouts. I wonder why she left my friend’s house without either his consent or mine.”