The world of Augustine Togony Bickersteth: Uncanny Coincidence of people and world in clash of history


Augustine Togony Bickersteth, a prolific writer and poet has an uncanny crave for making history to clash. He has made so many landmark research of history, pitching the past with present and making the present to clash with past in an unquestionable, uncanny manner. His rare talent may put him in  focus across the world in no time. He has the penchant for working out historical events that make the past to clash with the present in such amazing and uncommon manner and  in such a way that makes only little questions to be asked. Meet him on this column on regular basis, carrying you along the smooth train of clashed history. He is a rare gem! 

Augustine Togonu Bickesteth

Welcome to Augustine Togony Bickersteth world of Uncanny Coincidence  

Barack Obama, U.S President and Ajimobi, Governor of Oyo State

Barack Obama from Chicago capital of Mid west America  and home of the sky scraper

and Abiola Ajimobi from  Ibadan  capital of south West Nigeria and home of the Nigerian sky scraper

Obama and Ajimobi were fathered by Muslims

They were both Senators

Obama and Ajimob iboth studied at New York

Ajimobi and Obama were keen sports men at school,

Obama pllayed Basket ball a team sport, Ajimobi, Soccer, Teamsport.

Obama  and Ajimob  are both limnked with a citizenship conspiracy

By the Chinese Calendar, Obama and Ajimobi were both born in the year of the Ox

Obama in 1961 year of the Iron ox and Ajimobi in 1949 year of the earth ox.

You have the year of the Ox every twelve years.

Like Obama, Ajimobi might have to observe  January 20

day of the inauguration of the U.S.president which doubles as the birth day(1939) of his God Father

Lam Adesina  former Governor of Oyo State

Just as  he  might have to remember July 4, American Day of Independence and Birthday(1944) of  Saratu Adesina his God mother(?) and first First lady  of the  21st h century Oyo State


California State and Lagos State by

There are interesting developments between the United states and Nigeria with regards to California state and Lagos State.
California State is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Lagos state by the Atlantic Ocean.

California state and Lagos state are the richest states of the U.S. and Nigeria.

Californians and  Lagosians have had  great cause to mark the date September 9.
In the case of California  September 9 marks the admission(1850) of California to the  Union of the United States.
Whereas in the case of Lagos  it marks the birthday of  Buba  Marwa the most popular military administrator of Lagos State (Born 1953).

California and lagos lead in Manufacturing, IT and  the entertainment industries of U.S. and Nigeria respectively.

In California you had Leland Stanford, born March 9 1824, a pioneering Business man, lawyer and Philanthropist he lost a son. Stanford kept Dogs,bred Award
winning horses and had a deep interest in farm machinery relatedly in Lagos we have Subomi Balogun, born March 9 1934, a lawyer, pioneering Banker, and  Philanthropist. He also lost a son.

Like Stanford, Balogun loves Animal life and agriculture. Balogun keeps ostriches, Rabits, goats and grasscuters. He also loves cultivating food crops.

Stanford was governor of California and Baloguns influence looms large over Lagos  State for most of the managing directors of  banks in Nigeria and Senior
managers  once worked under him.

In California we have Steve Jobs born February 24, 1955. Much talked about, Business Mogul he rose from grass to grace. Was known to walk long distances for free meals provided  by the Adherents of Hare Krishna. Born of a muslim Father he has an aversion for Television and has been described as a Technolgy evangelist.

In Lagos we have Jimoh Ibrahim born February 24 1967, known for his phenomenal rise in the Business world was known for eating on credit as an undergraduate. Also born of a muslim Father, he has an aversion for video films and has been described as a Motivational Speaker.
Steve Jobbs dropped out of Reed Colege which has the only Nuclear facility operated by Students whereas Jimoh Ibrahim Finished at the Obafemi Awolowo
University which has Nigeria’s only programme in Nuclear engineering.

Notable Nigerians who studied in California include, Ben Murray Bruce, Nigerias leading entertaiment Mogul,Tayo Aderinokun , Managing director of GT Bank,Vivian
Oputa, Aesthetic Physician, Surgeon, Dermatologist and newspaper Columnist and Modupe Ozolua, CEO Body Enhancement and reconstructive Surgery Foundation(BEARS)

Interestingly the Chairman of the Commitee for the transformation of the Lagos based  Yaba college of Technology, into a city University, Professor Akintola Salau is an Alumni of Stanford University, California.

Chicago and Ibadan

There are some strange coincidences between Chicago  the sister city of Accra and Ibadan,Nigeria  particularly as it concerns some notable residents. Chicago is the capital of Mid-West United States and Ibadan the political capital of South-West Nigeria.

James Abram Garfield, classicist, lawyer, educator, President of the United States got his nomination at Chicago and was assassinated. Whereas James Ajibola Ige, classicist, lawyer, educator, Nigerian Presidential aspirant lost his nomination as Presidential candidate at Ibadan. He was also assassinated.

In Chicago you had Frank Lloyd Wright and in Ibadan, Demas Nwoko, both of them described as evolving an entirely new architectural identity for their respective countries. Chicago is the home of the skyscraper and Ibadan, the Nigerian home of the skyscraper.

In Chicago you had Enrico Fermi described as being as good a theoretical physicist as he was an experimentalist; he was called “the pope” because he was always right. He is credited with winning World War II for the U.S. President Harry S. Truman. In Ibadan we had Obafemi Awolowo described as being a world class political theoretician as well as being a practical economist. He is called “the Sage” because of his wisdom. He is credited for being the Chief Strategist for the Nigerian Head of State, Yakubu Gowon during the Nigerian Civil War..

Fermi first tested the first Nuclear reactor as invented by him on December 2, 1942 in a squash Racquet Court in Chicago. The next day December 3, 1942 a son (Oluwole) was born to Awolowo in Ibadan. Oluwole was to become an avid squash raquet player.
In Chicago you have Oprah winfrey described as Americas most powerful woman whereas in Ibadan you have Folake Solanke described as Nigerias most powerful woman.

Chicago was crucial to te development of Jazz Music in the United states and Ibadan Highlife Music inMike mullen and Mike Akhigbe  by Augustine Togonu-Bickersteth,London,England

 Mike Mullen and Admiral Akhigbe

Admiral Mike Mullen is the Chairman,Joint Chief of Staff of the United states the top military Adviser to Barack Obama.

Admiral Mullen was born on October 4 1946 he attended a Catholic School and once served as CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS.


Rear Admiral mike Akhigbe was Nigerias Chief of General Staff.

Rear Admiral Akhigbe(Rtd) was Born on September 29 1946, six days older than mullen, he attended a Catholic School and once served as CHIEF OF NAVAL STAFF


Admiral Mullens last day as Chief of Naval Operations was on Akhigbes biurthday,September 29 2007 and Mullens first day as Chairman JOINT CHIEF OF STAFF was on Nigeriias day of Independence,October 1 2007

By the Christian tradition Saint Michael is the Patron saint of the battle field or Gods Minister of Defence and the United States is described as Gods own Country.

Mike Akhigbes birthday ,September 29 is actually known as Saint Michaels Day or Michaelmas. Rear Rdmiral akhigbe has been described as an encyclopaedia of Weapons systems.He refers to the Navy as the cornerstone of Nigerias Defence policy.

Nigeria. Interestingly one of the highlife greats in Ibadan was Called Roy Chicago

 Chicago you have the Loyola University and in Ibadan, Loyola College

Einstein and Wole Soyinka 

Einstein and Soyinka both won the Nobel Prize for Physica and Literatue respectively
Einsein and  Soyinka are both associated with the unconventioanal
Einstein has been described as the greatest Scientist of the 2oth centuty and Wole Soyinka perhaps the worlds greatest living dramatist
Einstein and Soyinka are both associated with political and social causes.
Einstein campaigned against lives wasted by the first world War and Soyinka campaigned against Road accidents in Nigeria.
Einstein loved sailing and relatedly Soyinka is a self confessed Sea Dog.
Einstein and Soyinka played Stringed Instruments,Einstein the Violin and Soyinka the Guitar
Einstein and Soyinka both remarried.
Eistein was at the University of Berlin, and Berlin cultural and political capital of Germany
and the largest city and Soyinka was at the University of Ibadan,and Ibadan then the Cultural capital of Nigeria
,the largest city and political capital of the Yoruba Nation

Einstein slugged it out withthe military dictator Adolf Hitler described as an Evil Genius
and Soyinka slugged it out with the military Dictators,Babangida and Abacha.

Interestingly, the Nigerian  Press had dubbed Babangida “the Evil Genius”.
Babangida had his option A-4 electoral sysytem

Hitler had his A-4 Rocket,described as a revenge weapon first tested on June 13 1942 same day as the Birth  of Nigerian military dictator Abdusalami Abubakar and childhood friend of whose hands the Presidentail candidate, Basorun Abiola died after the annulment of the June 12 1993 presidential  elections by Babangida