1992 Ejigbo Hercules Air crash: Jonathan assures victims dependants of gratuity


President Goodluck Jonathan has assured Nigerians of his preparedness to attend to the needs of many Nigerians as long as he is trusted and given the opportunity to lead the country after 2011 election.

He dropped a little dose of hope for all to taste as he promised to attend to the plight of 1992 Babangida regime Ejigbo swamp plane crash which killed several of the nation’s Military hopes.

He communicated to his array of fans on the Facebook that the plight of the bereaved relatives touched his heart most at this hour pledging that all their gratuity would be paid  as he communicated his message the his  admirers.

The victims of C-130 hercules plane  crash which  claimed the life of many top Military servicemen in Ejigbo, in the outskirt of Lagos in September 26, 1992 remain a mystery till date and many of the dependants are still waiting for their compensation.

The President said in his weekly column:

“I want to assure the widows and dependants of the victims of the C-130 crash that claimed a generation of mid level military officers at Ejigbo on the outskirts of Lagos on September 26, 1992 that this administration will do everything in its powers to pay the outstanding gratuity and benefits of their late husbands and fathers”

“I sincerely apologise on behalf of the Federal Government for the unwarranted and unacceptable delay they have faced in getting their dues”.

President Goodluck Jonathan continued:”I feel your pain and anguish and I have directed the Minister of Defence to as soon as possible ensure that all the entitlements and death benefits due to the widows and children of the deceased are paid”.

“Your husbands and fathers paid the supreme price for our nation and it is my intention that under my watch, Nigeria, our beloved country remembers to return the favour for patriotic and gallant service to our motherland”.

“The labour of our heroes past should never be in vain. May their souls rest in peace2.

The statement  was personally signed by the President and was disseminated through the President’s page on his  popular forum, Facebook .

In September 26, 1992, several officers at the peak of their Military career, who were mostly air force men met their untimely death when their Hercules plane crashed under a suspicious circumstances.

They were returning from a so called emergency security meeting with ex- president Ibrahim Babangida who was consolidation his movement to Aso Rock Abuja, where he had moved in the aftermath of the failed Okar coup.

The movement to the Federal Capital Territory, the then new Administrative capital of Nigeria was viewed as Militarily strategic and. Many had opined then that Babangida’s relocation to Abuja was rushed as he was creating strong shield to guarantee his security in the aftermath of the failed Okar coup.

The disaster left the nation spellbound as access to the venue of the crash took several days as the swampy nature of the crash area made the spot impossible to access for several days which created impossible survivors during the plane crash.

Many of the officers were vibrant future hopes who could have led the nation to higher heights today. Many were allegedly unmarried.

PDP Presidential dreamer, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida on several platforms has been accused of causing the death of the officers advertently or inadvertently since the officers  were returning from a so called security meeting with him in Abuja where they had been summoned by the Military leader.