Nigeria Arise Awards Top Lists Of National Recognition

Niger Flag: Flying higher
Niger Flag: Flying higher

Nigeria Arise Awards Top Lists Of National Recognition-Nominations are still pouring-in for this years Nigeria Arise Wards which will come up on August 30 this year as plans are on top gear to make the centenary  year celebration a special one.

The annual Award is being held in celebration of Nigeria’s heroes and heroines who had taken it upon themselves to put the nation on positive side of life in view of many years of numerous challenges.

Nigeria Arise Initiative(NAI), a London based loyalty and honesty  organisation in conjunction with London based BEN Television claimed  it owed Nigeria the moral duty of service to motherland by celebrating Nigerians and friends of Nigerians who directly and indirectly have impacted positively towards the nation’s emancipation into the new World of education, politics, Science and entertainment awareness and elevation.

The Award seeks to recognize all positive minded  Nigerians and friends of Nigeria who through collective or individual efforts have pushed the nation forward directly or indirectly through hard work and patriotic zeal even in the face of all obstacles, national and international sabotage.

According to Alistair Soyode, Chief Executive of BEN Television: ”Nigeria is a country of numerous talents and initiative movers. But there are many obstacles  which had stalked the wheel of the progress. Yet, many loyal and passionate Nigerians have put  the nation on the fore-front of their thinking and carrying out activities that has made the nation well recognized across the globe. Those people deserve honours and celebration.”

Mr Soyode is of the view that 2014 is the nation’s centenary year and this is what makes this years celebration special and unique in all ways and for this reason, the Award plans this year has taken a new dimension which has been unseen in the history of Awards both in Nigeria and in the United Kingdom.

The centenary year will  put those who have contributed to the nation’s development on celebration and Award chair for making positive impact of development and creating  good image in many areas of life activities and events.

So far, nominees into the year’s Award have included both  dead Nigerian heroes, living legends, youths and Nigeria friends from the international community who have helped in making Nigeria great in the face of many years of obstacle, conspiracy and sabotage.

As the nomination reaches top gear, the organizing committee has been  putting finishing touches on the year’s activities, which will include cultural performances, Nigeria tourism World demonstration, various musicians live music shows  and arts and culture displays.

NigeriaAccording to Dr Soyode:”Nigeria Arise Awards in the past had celebrated in style individuals and corporate entities that have contributed towards the development of Nigeria; promoting Nigeria’s enterprises, people and values socially, economically and politically through good governance youth empowerment and enterprising programmes and projects that have lifted the nation forward.

It was launched in London, England in 2008, and since then has become an institution

Mr. Alistair Soyode, who is the founding executive added, “This year’s Nigeria Arise will be different in the sense that, Nigeria celebrates her centenary. We are uniquely positioned to showcase Nigeria to the outside World and celebrate our leaders doing better than normal as well as captains in chosen business and careers”.

This year Award ceremony returned to London, UK after been hosted in Nigeria last year. It is not about the size of it but the impact we hope we can achieve by showing that Nigeria can indeed change if we put our resources together identifying those that can help us change for the better.

He added: “This years’ award is more important to us, as we celebrate Nigeria Centenary bringing ordinary people together with the establishment and recognising those that are working hard to better their communities and localities” added Mr. Alistair Soyode, the convener.

Some of the nominees are from the Banking Industry, Media, Telecom, Legislative and Nigeria Customs amongst others while such states as Akwa Ibom, Kano, Ogun & Imo States to list few are recipients on infrastructural development, good governance, impact on State management etc.

As a recognition platform, the Nigeria Arise Award thrives from citizen’s nominations and voting, and includes several notable award categories amongst which are: Politics, Governance, Corporate, Broadcasting Media, Business, Online Development, etc. to mention but a few. The event has both in past and present been equally graced by notable and distinguished members of the Nigerian high society.