Hip1 Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray!!!!: Congratulations, Nigeria is 50 and the nation matches on

Nigeria Independence 2010
Nigeria Independence 2010

Nigeria is 50 and Nigerians home and abroad are in jubilant  mood to cerebrate a landmark occasion, which no doubt has pitched the nation among others with similar history of Independence and freedom to self rule.

With the nation now celebrating  with a mixed feeling of sadness and joy in the event of lack of laudable achievements since the attainment of Independence, one thing is clear and that is the spirit of oneness that has brought all the four regions together under one nation and one destiny, oh, did I say one destiny?. Well, history will tell the rest of the story to posterity as the nation has got volumes of it.

As the nation celebrate a branch of her history this time,,  it is not an exaggeration to say that  as our government flaunt the nation’s wealth with N17billion check celebration, our heroes past are looking back with heavy hearts and sober, full of curses for those who have drawn the nation’s back from her destined glory and  pulling her down towards the abyss.

The saying goes that a fool at forty is a fool forever, which attests to the fact that all Nigeria is celebrating this season is ten fold tomfoolery- as ten years have passed beyond that mark of the old saying.

Whither Nigeria from here? For how long shall the nation remain stagnant while the entire world moves in supersonic jet speed?. What shall  posterity speak of about you and me   as we frustrate the will of the nation to progress.

Let the whole nation put on a thinking cap and ruminate over what direction Nigeria takes from now.

Election 2011 is around the corner, and our fate is in our hand.

It is time to look forward and choose a vibrant young leader for our future.

Think, Nigeria Think, for our destiny is in our hand.