£90 Million Asset Confiscation Request: Ibori Says It’s Colonial Imperialism


legal scale £90 Million Asset Confiscation Request: Ibori Says It’s Colonial Imperialism-British Crown Prosecutors handling a confiscation of assets case against the former Governor of Delta State, James Ononafe Ibori, t is making a request 0f a confiscation order to the tune of  £90,000,000.00 to be paid to an English Courts. The confiscation of assets case is currently on-going in a London Crown Court sitting in Southwark Crown Court in  South-East London.

Bringing forth an earlier claim before the crown court by EFCC’s former chairman, Nuhu Ribadu, that  “Over the eight years of James Ibori’s governorship, approximately half of Delta State revenues of $1billion were either wasted or stolen by him” the crown prosecutor leading Cousel, Sasha Wass said: ‘This puts Ibori’s benefits figure in the region of $500 million’.

She therefore urged the British court to make a confiscation order of £90,000,000.00 (ninety million pounds) against James Ibori.

Reacting to the British crown’s confiscation request order against him, James Ibori described the request as the height of colonial  bully and imperialism against an Independent nation as Nigeria.

Ibori spoke through through his Solicitor, Jonathan Epelle.

His reaction: “As the the defense and the prosecution continue to make their final arguments, one wonders how the British Crown Prosecutors would request a confiscation order of £90,000,000,00 to be paid to an English Court against a citizen of an independent nation who in their arguments has presumably committed a fraud against his own independent nation state.

 According  Epelle: “Even if the UK is broke and struggling to come out of recession, such request from the British crown prosecution cannot be more described than the height of colonial imperialism against an independent nation as Nigeria.

Jonathan Epelle, said ‘once you get passed the sensational media headlines and the ridiculous amount of money that has been mentioned, this confiscation proceedings are all about facts, figures and evidence’

He said confiscation proceedings of this nature should be based on facts, figures and evidences’.

Speaking further, the former governor said ‘the prosecution have always claimed that I defrauded Delta State of huge sums of money, I am content to say that in this case that we have been witnessing for the last 3 weeks, the evidence should speak for itself and it should be Crystal clear to anyone except the most biased observers that there has been a huge and substantial gap between the prosecution’s sensational claims and the hard evidence required to back up those claims’.

Final legal arguments between the prosecution and defense continue in the Southwark Crown Court in South East London.

In his argument against the crown prosecution’s confiscation request and their reliance on Nuhu Ribadu’s claim that Ibori defrauded Delta State, the lead Counsel for Ibori, QC Krolic said ‘it is the crown’s case that Delta State was the victim of the fraud done by James Ibori, yet there is no single evidence from Delta State, the victim, either in the crown’s trial bundle or this hearing that there were withdrawals and funds diversion without just cause despite Nigeria EFCC’s and British Met Police’s detention of Delta state top officials in the course of their investigations’.

Founding chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nuhu Ribadu, about two weeks ago  told the Southwark Crown Court that former Governor James Onanefe Ibori of Delta State stole approximately half of the revenue allocation that accrued to his state during his two terms in office.

Mr. Ribadu told the court that EFCC investigations established that Mr. Ibori must have stolen at least $500 million, representing 50% of the revenue that accrued to the state in the eight years that the jailed former governor was in office.