A nation fooled at 50: Reactions to Yar’Adua’s report by EMNnews.com.


Nigeria Flying flag on stick.Many Nigerians have agreed that there had been complicity in the way the health issue  of Nigeria’s  president, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua had been handled. They alleged complicity and urged International community to act through Human Right Organisations.

Reacting to the  recent story  in which many eminent Nigerians had challenged the government to come out with real facts about the President, responses poured in several hours after the news had been sent out to the public. The responses had indicated that several |Nigerians in the Diaspora had kept their reservations because there was no means of registering them.

The conclusion is that  if the President had been realistically brought to Nigeria, there could have been developments  since arriving the country as he was allegedly  brought in  an air Ambulance, met on the tarmac by another  road Ambulance.

Yar’Adua was said to be receiving treatment in the stationery Ambulance, which was used in his alleged ferry from the Airport to the Presidential Palace of Aso Rock shortly on arrival.

“ You cannot sweep such international news of high magnitude under the  carpet. I guess there is more to the issue than being presented to the world”, said London based Femi Osineye in a text message to EMNnews.com.

“The President no doubt is brain dead and the truthfulness of whether he is dead, buried and swept under the carpet must attract international concern who must call into question those behind the attrocity”, he said further.

Spain based Femi Babalola.
Spain based Femi Babalola.

Mr Femi Babalola speaking further on the issue over the phone claimed  that it is unfortunate that Nigerians are being taken for granted over an issue of National concern.

“How can the President of a nation disappear and the country remains arm-folded?”. It is an indication that the people don’t feel for their leader. But in Nigeria we feel deeply for the well-being of our rulers. Those behind this must be called to question by International Human Right bodies” He suggested

Nigerian scholar and social critic, Latty Rahman in his reaction wrote to EMnnews:” …..I believe he is just a flip of the switch away from being pronounced dead. Why is it that there is no any info since. It is dubious. I doubt if he is in Nigeria. The social critic and human affair commentator however said it would be appropriate for the International human right bodies to get involved at this point in time to safeguard future kidnap of other leaders.”What happens to Goodluck Jonathan in future should be giving Nigerinas more concerns now”, he concluded.

Cecilia Abbey, a social Worker based in London sent a text:” We are being fooled in Nigeria. The world is watching and we are being mocked. This group of rogues disgracing our country will face God’s judgement. It is not a sin to be sick. Why are some people exploiting the condition of our President by looting our contry?” They should be brought to justice.

Maurice Igbinoba claimed” He must be dead just as the news around him has been made to be. We are all having blood in our hands as Nigerians unless the culprits are brought to book”

Issa Sanni is a legal practitioner said the nation should exercise patience so that the truth will come out soon.

Adetokunbo Dele Adeyemo
I shout: "Hello there! stop fooling us" Adetokunbo Dele Adeyemo seems saying.

According to International Marketing Consultant, Adetokunbo Dele Adeyemo:” Yar’Adua is simply an unlucky ruler. It is not his fault and he is not what he had been portrayed to be as a die on throne leader. This is the handi-work of few greedy people, using his condition  for their benefits”,

“It is simple; Nigeria is in the grasp of a cabal. They have recycled rubbish since 1960 and the current situation is the end-product”, he concluded.

“If the nation’s President has been in a coma in an Ambulance since arriving the country about a month ago, there must be  developing news ever since?”  claimed a political analyst who said the  rogues who put Yar’Adua under the recent pressure had aggravated his condition if he is still living. They should be punished”, he said, pleading to remain anonymous.

Otunba Kaye Babbs in his own reaction concluded: Yar’Adua is not in Nigeria, I am sorry to say this …He is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia. We are no fools, those who think they are fooling us are the real fools.