A nation fooled at 50: “We are tired of political co-tricks” SNG demands cabinet dissolution

Nigeria - A nation with abundant "wealth"!
Nigeria - A nation with abundant "wealth"!

Nigeria’s civil rights activists staging a rally on Wednesday in the nation’s capital Abuja  demanded the dissolution of the nation current Cabinet and requested for the appearance of the ailing President to show to Nigerians his arrival back to the country was real and not a political con- trick.

The peaceful demonstration which had been organised by Save Nigeria Group (SNG) though were disallowed from entering the Presidential Villa in Aso Rock by the police, the group delivered  their  main three point request to the secretary to government of the federation, Yayale Ahmed who received the strongly worded messages on behalf of the Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan.

The Cabinet has remained divided since a purported transfer of ailing President Yar’Adua from Saudi Arabia where he was receiving treatment to the presidential Villa in Abuja while no specific political progress has been made in the country since the arrival of the sick President back to Nigeria rendering the whole nation even more ill circumstantially.

Also on demand by the group is the urgent implementation of the recommendations of the Justice Muhammadu Uwais Electoral Reform Committee report.

The police stopped the protesters — led by prominent Lagos Pastor and human right activist, Tunde Bakare –just by the first gate of the Presidential villa where they had planned to present their demands to Acting President Goodluck Jonathan.

The secretary to government of the federation, Yayale Ahmed, on behalf of Acting President Jonathan, received the demands of the activists and promised a prompt delivery to the office of the Acting President.

“The acting president has asked me to assure you that your demands will be looked into with immediate effect. You want to know the status of health of the president… You will not be denied of it,” Ahmed told the protesters.

The protesters, who were blocked from gaining entry into the national assembly, also demanded the implementation of the report of a committee on electoral reforms.

The activists called for comprehensive electoral reforms ahead of the 2011 general elections.

“We will continue to mobilise Nigerians… to engage in public action, including protests and strike action until these demands are fully implemented in the interest of peace, security and genuine democracy” Tunde Bakare said just after the protest.

However, top members of the government and political activist are urging the Acting President to take up his responsibility and serve the nation with his and heart and might rather than serving PDP, his political party which many have seen as a party of liars and nation destroyers.

“The Acting president’s allegiance is to the nation rather than to the party, an action congress activist in London, Mr Segun Erinle said urging the Acting President to wake up to the reality of the duty placed before him to salvage the nation from her present state of ‘intensive illness’.

Abike Dabiri, Chairperson of the Committee on Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation said last week during the nation’s political lifeline Television programme, ‘Focus Nigeria’ that the people have given Jonathan power through the parliament adding the ball was in Jonathan’s court even if he would perform his duty for a short time.

“ The power has been transferred to him and there is no reason for him not to use the power. The worst is for him to revert to his post of Vice presidency. Nobody can sack him having been elected by the people”, Abike Dabiri said.

It would be remembered that last week, the Chairman of Jonathan’s Presidential Advisory Committee, General Theophilus Danjuma, challenged the Acting President to show the hallmark of a true leader.

In his own charge of Acting President Goodluck Jonathans, Professor Wole Soyinka held Goodluck Jonathan responsible for the recent community carrnage killing ijn which over 500 innocent people including men and women were killed linking the Acting president to his lack of action as the nation’s acting President.

Ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua returned to Nigeria on February 24 after spending 93 days in Jeddah, where he was being treated for acute pericarditis. Evern since his so called arrival, he has not been seen in the public  and the question lingers as to whether the  President was genuinely in the country.

The so called return has since thrown the country into confusion, a state of coma while thre had been a revived power-play by the PDP stakeholders who continue to fool the nation and fellow party faithful.