Abdul-mutallab: Nigerian Government denied presence at court proceeding and refused copies of filings


A judge in the case of a man accused of attempting to bomb a U.S. airliner says she has rejected a request by the Nigerian government to be present at hearings.

U.S. District Judge Nancy G. Edmunds denied Nigeria’s request to formally observe proceedings and receive copies of filings in the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, accused of attempting to bring down Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day 2009, The Detroit News reported Wednesday.

The judge said the request filed by Detroit attorney Kayode Oladele was “moot” since records of the case are open to the public. Oladele later asked to withdraw the request.

Abdulmutallab allegedly concealed explosives in his underwear and tried to detonate them as the Dec. 25, 2009, flight from Amsterdam approached Detroit Metropolitan Airport. Passengers and crew put out a fire aboard the flight.

He faces charges that include attempted murder and attempted use of weapons of mass destruction.

No trial date has been set, but Edmunds and lawyers agreed to meet Sept. 13 for another conference on the status of the case, the News reported.

Source UPI