Abia dirty Five: Arrested gang rape culprits should be charged for attempted murder

A depicted picture of one of the suspects, Ifeanyi- Ogu Justin

The Abia University ‘DirtyFive‘ should be charged for attempted  murder because of the nature of the crime they committed, a consensus of respondents agrees with Emnnews.

London based on-line newspaper put the question across to many people asking for the appropriate punishment if the culprits are eventually caught.

In a stunning response of over 200 respondents, it is being suggested that the victim could have been in a state of psychological disrepair and no-one specifically has been able to establish the true condition of the victim, with many saying she could have been murdered.

” Until the victim speaks up to show she is still living, there no guarantee that she had not been killed”, one respondent said.

Ogu's Facebook profile: Click to expand

According to the respondent attempted murder charge is essential because the victim could have given up on the day during the  criminal adventure and there is every indication that now, the woman may have received a life threatening injury inside her body.

By virtue of section 316 subsections 2 & 3 of the Criminal Code Act, a person or persons who inflict grievous harm on another in the course of doing an unlawful act that result in death, is guilty of murder. S.357 states that: “any person who has unlawful carnal knowledge of a woman or girl, without her consent, if the consent is obtained, by force or by means of threat or intimidation…is guilty of an offence which is called rape.”  S.358 of the Criminal Code Act prescribes a life sentence for the offence of rape. Also s. 320(2) of the same Act condemns any person who through his act or misconduct endangers human life, to imprisonment for life for the felonious offence

The call is coming as it emerged over the weekend that Nigerian police in Abia State  have arrested  two persons in connection with the ‘Abia Dirty Five’ gang rape scandal.

Commissioner of Police Abia state, Bala Abdullahi Hassan confirmed that police detectives in the state arrested one “Zaki” and his roomate late Friday night.

The commissioner did not provide the full names of the arrested persons claiming that his detectives would not want to jeopardize the possibility of making more arrests.

The Rape Victim

Details of 3 out of of the ‘Abia Dirty5’ have been revealed as Ifeanyi Ogu Justin, Jonah Uche (final year or extra year accountancy) and Zaki ( Duberville Lodge ABSU).

Jonah Uche had been identified on his Facebook profile before he deleted his details during the week. He had been identified as Studing Accountancy at Abia state university and has 974 Facebook friends.

Ifeanyi Ogu Justin was revealed as having 950 Facebook friends and also stated that he attends ABSU.”

The FB profile also  had identified Jonah as having attended Federal Government College, Kwali in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, an indication that Jonah came from a well to do family.

Also, an online News media had published Ifeanyi Ogu Justin’s FB retrieved  pictures before they were removed, from the profile, an indication that the hasty removal of the profile sold him out as having to do with the rape scandal.

The arrested criminal, Zaki had been identified as one of the residents of Duberville Lodge in Abia State University.

The Abia State University gang rape video hit the Internet on Wednesday, August 17.

Criticism of the deplorable violent action reached its peak during the week when the video attracted more audience across the world, with  international community criticising Nigerian government for no action.

But a source hinted EMNnews on Friday that many of the Nigeria security alleged  slow action was a strategy not to scare the criminals away from the state so that they would be arrested. The source said the strategy had led to the prompt arrest of two of the victims who were taken to custody of the police on Friday night.

The disgraceful violent attack on the innocent woman was described as a big stain on the social image of Nigeria and selling the nation out as condoning sexual violence.

Abia Governor, Theodore Orji

The rapists let out their names inadvertently as they called out to one another to take their turns during the violent attack on a young woman of about 24. The names called out are Uchenna, Wisdom, Zaki, Chisom and

Ifeanyi (or Ugbanyi) all believed to be students of ABSU, Uturu, Abia State.

Also, one of the rapists boasted he was a Part 4 Law student of the University, while another revealed he was on industrial attachment.

In its news item on the disgraceful scandal, Huffington Post, a United States based popular Newspaper demeaned Nigeria:“Rape is rarely reported to authorities in Nigeria – only 1,952 cases in 2009, according to federal police statistics posted on a website called Nigeria Police Watch.

“However, a 2006 Amnesty International report said those numbers are believed to “be sporadic, piecemeal and inconsistent” in a nation of 150 million people”.

It added:”Nigeria’s federal police force also remains largely incapable of investigating crimes, as its officers routinely harass motorists for bribes at checkpoints and arrest citizens randomly to collect so-called “bail money.”

Many activists across the world have called on the government to find out the actual condition of the woman who many rumoured may be willing to commit suicide after she pleaded the gang should take her life.

There is fear that the apparently dejected woman overpowered by the might of the men may have ben killed and buried unless there is evidence that she is alive.

There are fears that she could be treated like an outcast by her immediate environment after she had been identified as the lady in the video.

United Kingdom based African Children Charity Organisation reacted to the scandal describing it as a high level of woman degradation, abuse and scandalous ego depletion.

Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (AFRUCA) boss, Modupe Debbie Ariyo said in a reaction to questions from EMNnews:”The increasing spate of rape in Nigeria is very disconcerting” adding that she particularly was very distressed to hear about the Abia Rape Case shown in the video.

She  said a situation whereby Nigerian government showed no immediate concern  has been more disgraceful and very disappointing being inimical to the good image of Nigeria as a morally disciplined society.

“This is not right. The government needs to be seen to be acting in the best interest of its citizens. I hope that the suspects will be investigated as soon as possible and the victim supported so she can begin to heal from her terrible physical and psychological ordeal.

Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi wrote on twitter that he would give the crime all necessary attention in order to arrest the culprits and bring them to books.

He issued a statement on Sunday 18th Sept., 2011, through his Special Assistant on Media, Julius Agunro condemning the act as “barbaric, decadent, despicable and wicked” and called on the Police and others to step up action for arrests.

The minister also promised a rehabilitation plan for the victim whom many believed may have sought refuge somewhere around the state.