Adoption Case: Nigeria Embassy disowns parents as case commences in Court

Legal Angle

The Nigerian High Commission in United Kingdom have disowned both the parents and six children of an high profile adoption case which commenced on Monday in London.

As several grounds were laid down for the prosecution of the case before Honourable Mr Justice  James Patrick of Wood Green High Court in North London, which will officially commence on Tuesday morning,  representative of the High Commission were conspicuously absent.

Also unrepresentative of the case was members of  Central Association of Nigerians in the United Kingdom(CANUK) whose members have earlier pledged to attend the Court to give the accused persons( names withheld due to Courts order) needed support in the case.

Sources had hinted last week that the Nigerian government had waded into the adoption issue, seeing the current legal case as a major challenge that may discredit the government of Nigeria internationally if children of Nigerian origins are so lost.

The couple and many sympathizers across Britain had petitioned Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan over the adoption case with the presidency given instructions that Nigeria High Commission in London must lend support to the accused persons.

The couple were charged for allegedly abusing six children  of the family.

As the case commenced on Monday, Honourable Mr Justice James Patrick  urged for a fair reporting by the media,  instructing on the  implications of prejudiced presentation of the proceedings  through unbalanced reporting.  He warned the media to exercise restraints considering the sensitivity of the case and the  very delicate nature.

Twelve jury panels were selected from 30 members present at the Court on Monday through balloting. Those selected were asked to report to the Court  by 10am on Tuesday when the proceedings would commence on the case.

Meanwhile,  Mr Justice Patrick on Monday shifted the case from its current sitting in Court Room 2 to a bigger Court in room 5, following request that the current  Court room would be unsuitable for the case because it too small. Many who had wished to attend Monday’s sitting were turn back due to lack of sitting spaces inside the Court room.