African Leaders: I’m sorry for you

Africa deserves more than it gets
Africa deserves more than it gets

From every perspective, leaders in Africa nations are indeed the ones better known to be brutal, wicked, barbaric, crooked and anti-development because of their egocentric, corrupt and “I -care-for-myself” attitude. What an unfortunate situation we African youths found ourselves in the hands of these so-called leaders!

I personally consider myself as well as other African youths; I mean our generation, very ill-fated as a result of the situations in our various nations. Or how can we explain a situation whereby our leaders failed to make all those pretty promises made before us prior to the election a reality? What sort of predicament is this? Can we say that our leaders are biting the fingers that once fed them? What do you think?

To the best of my knowledge, leaders in African nations are the architect of all these misfortunes that are befalling us. I think I’m talking sensibly because problems in all African nations take their roots from the crass negligence of our leaders. Without any gainsay, the lapses on the part of our leaders paved ways for all these misfortunes that befall African nations and if proper care is not taken; if we failed to address the issue now; if we continued holding our jaws like this, there is no doubt, there will definitely be problems upon problems and future of Africa youths will remain drab, bleak and cloudy.

In the previous years, many African nations have witnessed civil unrest, chaos, injustice where citizens were brutally killed and unjustly incarcerated by our supposed “leaders.” The state of affairs in most nations in Africa is extremely unbearable and living there is as the same as living in hell. I’m really sorry for you all who in one way or the others were involved in unleashing terror, perpetual traumas and affliction on innocent souls. Your children will definitely share from this; it’s not a course but the truth because our generation and the unborn generations will never forgive you.

Economically, Africa nations are not in parity with other nations in Western world despite the fact that we have virtually all the natural resources that can generate funds and facilitate sustainable developments in our disposal. From Southern to |Northern African; from Western to Eastern and even Central Africa, there is no nation excluded in God’s endowment in terms of natural resources. We have petroleum at a large quantity in the North of the continent and along the coastal areas of West Africa. Apart from this, other natural resources like gold, diamond, bauxite, aluminum, uranium, copper etc. are heavily sufficient in the continent. Then why must we suffer at the expense of all these naturally given resources…?

In fact, our continent should have been in parity with others if leadership problem is completely solved and/or eradicated. Or how can we explain a situation where by a continent blessed with evergreen vegetation and with friendly weather confronts problems of food shortage? The levels of corrupt practices in Africa nations overshadow the pace at which we developed economically, and because our leaders have inculcated shady habits, their mission is to make money for their own use and not for the whole nation.

Our continent today is where the fittest survive because as the rich squabble, the poor are getting poorer. More than a billion people still live on less than 1 dollar a day in the world and 70% are in Africa, where aids and poverty stalk the land. Despite a decade of global prosperity, African nations are even poorer now than in 1990s. Whose fault…? To be honest, our leaders must be called to their right senses and proper steps must be taken to ensure that they are actually brought back to book after their tenure of office.

Politically, Africa is a wicked place to live because our democratic government is different from that of other civilised nations as conditions necessarily needed in a democratic society are grossly lacked. What sort of democracy do we have when rule of law, supremacy of the law, equality before the law and fundamental human rights are not considered as prerequisites in our democratic societies? Why must we celebrate democracy in Africa when injustice, austerity, incarceration without trials, killings of innocent souls, poverty as a result of unemployment etc are freely flowing just like stream water in our nations?

Not only that, education in Africa is as old as city of Rome. African youths are confronted with stress before the completion of their various programmes as studying in African nations is an elephantine task. Students are forcefully glued to the belief that they must face with numerous difficulties such as harsh environment and many others. Apart from the ill-ventilated and dilapidated buildings, most of our higher institutions of learning are not wired for electricity or do not get supply. I begin to ask what have been the efforts of our so-called leaders to give the kiss of life to the collapsed structure in education sector. They have done virtually nothing but rather systematically destroyed good foundations properly laid by their predecessors.

Even if you are educated, where will you work after all you have spent and gone through in realising your dreams? Our leaders have failed to create new jobs and this has made the youths to be restless and easily used for dirty uncivil acts. There are many graduates with good qualifications and authentic certificates but no where to make a do of the knowledge they have got. What sort of unfortunate continent is this?

May God come to our aids in getting rid of these so-called leaders. Amen