Aganga rallies the world for new era of investment in Nigeria


As part of the determination by Goodluck Jonathan’s to make his dream real for the the nation, his constituted economic  team members are already swinging into action to tell the world the president and his team mean business.

Dr Olusegun Aganga and High Commissioner, Tafida during the former visit on Tuesday.

Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr Olusegun Aganga on Tuesday travelling across the world to appeal to Nigerians and foreign investors to come over had touched London to sound the new wake up call to intending investors to come over to Nigeria as the atmosphere are getting more conducive and will be improved with new security strategy being put in place and power supply surely becoming a thing of the past soon.

He was sighted at the Nigerian Embassy holding a meeting with the High Commissioner, Dr Dalhitu Tafida.

He later met a group of Nigerians for a short address which centered on the need for a new investment driven Nigeria. Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala had promised a business  investment run economy to put the nation on the right track of development.

In this picture, Dr Aganga holds a crucial talk with the High Commissioner, Alhaji(dr) Tafida