Akin Omoboriowo, ex-deputy gov of Ondo state and NPN cross-over man is dead

    Former Ex-Gov, Akin Omoboriowo

    Former Unity Party of Nigeria Kingpin and Deputy Governor of Ondo State, Chief Akin Omoboriowo is dead.

    He died on Thursday after a brief illness in a Lagos Hospital. He was 81 years old.

    He was a one time Awoist, an ideology he later shunned to pitch tent with a capitalist political party whic dug his political grave.

    Akin Omoboriowo had served under the Unity Party of Nigeria as the Deputy Governor of Ondo State from  1979 to 1983 while the deceased septuagenarian, Michael Adekunle Ajasin was the governor.

    He had denounced his UPN membership just before 1983 election and cross-carpet to the ruling party, the Nationa Party of Nigeria(NPN), in a major power play, having seen a better financial bidding from the ruling party and vowing to deliver the state in a dare-devil power play, the worse  ever witnessed by the State.

    He succeeded in subverting people will to give the ruling party the state but the attempt, which was seen world-wide as the worse election rigging in history unmade the  former UPN topshot, turning him to the State enemy number one. The result end was an unprecedented chaos as the state was engulfed.

    His political career was never seen rising again due to the massive carnage his action brought to the state.

    For several years, he was seeking refuge in unknown destination avoiding to be killed by those who saw him as a traitor and as people’s enemy, especially to the political and social enhancement of the state.

    His dare-devil election victory subversion in 1983 resulted in a major   state-wide violence that saw many prominent Ondo indigenes killed in the eventual mayhem which engulfed the state.

    The mayhem was a contributory factor that terminated  second republic rule of the National Party of Nigeria.(NPN) just as Shehu Shagari  commenced the second term in term as a civilian president.

    He rewrote history with his historical carpet crossing from the Unity Party of Nigeria to the then Federal control government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari, in a major power play that attempted to change Ondo State destiny from  hard-core social  amenities provision government to the capitalism driven never achieving National Party of Nigeria.

    Chief Obafemi Awolowo: Omoboriowo's hero whom he later betrayed

    People’s anger were demonstrated as UPN’s four cardinal programme of Free education, free medical service, low cost Housing  and others were to be extinguished by the national government.

    The State citizens repelled the attempt which culminated in a violence never seen in the anal of Nigeria’s political history.

    Omoboriowo’s role in the vote subversion and attempts to impose unpopular political party will ever be remembered as the attempts saw the killing of many Ondo State top politicians including a top publisher whose body littered the street.

    Omoboriowo’s political clout sunk with the people’s betrayal and he never recovered until his death.

    He was later to be given the appellate, ‘Owoboriomo’ in an inverted presentation of his name because he succumbed to sell the people to the NPN for money which bounced back sinking his political career as the people grabbed back their dignity honorably, but with force

    Source: SR