All London Stars At ‘Battered’ Premiere: They Came They Saw, And They Conquered Hearts


fatAll London Stars At ‘Battered’ Premiere: They Came They Saw, And They Stole Hearts-It was rated as the most colorful assemblage of Africans and friends of Africans best entertainment stars in the history of London film premieres.
Fatima Jabbe, the multi-talented  film star and television presenter did the impossible bringing together a cross-section of  Black World entertainers in the premiere of her long awaited film, ‘Battered’, which was previewed in London on September 28 2013.

The stars painted the World of Black entertainment red in London with stars coming in different sizes, shapes and colors and sharing their love with the hostess of the even, Fatima, who was all in glorious glow herself in one of entertainment best evenings.

Prior to the London event, Fatima Jabbe, the Gambian Actress, Entrepreneur & Political adviser to Gambia and Sierra Leone  had won several awards for her acting prowess, especially for her role in the award winning film Mirror Boy. 2. She has been one of the most celebrated in BEFFTA & ZAFAA Awards in the past years. Fatima Jabbe wins Best Actress at Africa OSCA 2013 in this year’s Africa Oscar Award. The event was at Great Warner Theatre in Washington District of Colombia, United States. Here, “Battered’is brought to you in its most colourful appearamce as bevies of beauties adoned the night adding so much flavour. It was an unforgetable night. Photo Credit’ Daniel sync Olusanya

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