"All we are saying, give us real life"… denied Nigerian children crying out aloud

"All we are saying, give us real life!" Our model is looking up unto the hills... asking: "Where does her help come from...

The message from this two year old is loud, clear and very symbolic as she communicates to the world that the Nigerian child is a deprived child.

Knowing fully that her voice is still wobbling and her shout may not get across to the new crop of leaders that Nigeria is currently blessed with, she opts for a practical means of communication.

“Please Ladies and gentlemen of the rocks, give light a priority as you are sworn in on May 29, this year”

Nigerian youths deserve a better living

Her message is only an  ample way of telling president Goodluck Jonathan that the nation’s priority as he is sworn in soon is electricity and better care for the Nigerian child.


“All we are saying, please Goodluck, give us real life”, she seems to be saying.

Our model girl is begging the new nation’s leadership for a  future generation with hope and a real life worthy of living for the Nigeria Child.

She has envisaged a true light at the end of the tunnel with Goodluck Jonathan having been given the mandate to lead the nation in the next four years.

In the same message, she is telling the president that the nation, having lived in hopelessness for so long put her hope on the newly world applauded leaders that Nigeria has been blessed with having gone through a free and fair election recently.

She is sounding it loud to the new leaders that the nation needs real essential services and infrastructures to make it running as proper nation.

“Mr President, please give us light” seems her message as she atempts to do what mummy and daddy do every night to provide her with temporary  convenience; Activating the family small generator to provide just few hours of light for  her to watch her children’s programme.

Millions of Nigerian children each day face the same plight of deprived proper living with the right type of knowledge and exposure denied. Many have been made only to know the 18 century  ancient lifestyle.

We hope the president is listening?