Almost 200 Killed As Boko Haram, JTF Fight In Bornu State


JTF-soldiersConfrontation between Nigeria Joint Task Force(JTF) and Boko Haram members has taken the life of almost 200 people as fresh fight broke out in villages.

In Baga, a fishing community in Borno, officials said that  soldiers resisting an insurgence on  Sunday quelled the crisis  resulting in the loss of at least  counted 185 lives, as  rocket-propelled grenades were thrown into police   and soldiers  who retaliated by spraying machine-gun fire into the neighborhoods. Most of the dead were reportedly civilians living in the community.

The fighting in Baga began Friday and lasted for hours, sending people fleeing into the arid scrublands surrounding the community on Lake Chad.

By Sunday, when government officials finally felt safe enough to see the destruction, homes, tens of homes, businesses and vehicles were burned down as tension rose resulting in attacks from both sides.
“Authorities had found and buried at least 185 bodies as of Sunday afternoon”, said Lawan Kole, a local government official in Baga.

He spoke haltingly to Borno state Gov. Kashim Shettima in the Kanuri language, surrounded by still-frightened villagers.
Brig. Gen. Austin Edokpaye, also on the visit, did not dispute the casualty figures. Edokpaye said the extremists used heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades in the assault, which began after soldiers surrounded a mosque they believed housed members of the radical extremist network Boko Haram.

Edokpaye said extremists used civilians as human shields during the fighting – implying that soldiers opened fire in neighborhoods where they knew civilians lived.

“‘When we reinforced and returned to the scene the terrorists came out with heavy firepower, including (rocket-propelled grenades), which usually has a conflagration effect,” the general said.
Sunday afternoon, the burned bodies of cattle and goats still filled the streets. Bullet holes marred burned buildings.

“Everyone has been in the bush since Friday night; we started returning back to town because the governor came to town today,” grocer Bashir Isa said. “To get food to eat in the town now is a problem because even the markets are burnt. We are still picking corpses of women and children in the bush and creeks.”

The new development is coming just as Boko Haram issued its acceptance of the new amnesty initiative, warning that  one of the conditions of the acceptance is that cessation of its members killed  must take effect immediately.

It is not known yet hoe the sect will react to the new attack, which has led to the killing of its memebers and many civilians.