Amazing Things That Women Notice About Men On Sight


buildingFirst impression creates an opportunity of an open  window of good fortunes or another one of misfortunes. While men ogle women and start forming their opinion, women too notice a few primal things in men as soon as they see them, and this first unspoken impression opens the door for future communication. We give you five tips to make that first impression count on you as you step out to impress.

Physical appearance
Your physique or physical build is the primary feature that any woman notices within a few seconds of seeing you. This includes everything from height to weight, features, hair, eyes and more. So, guys spend some time at the gym to stay healthy inside out. And, don’t forget about personal grooming. Please keep your hands and nails clean, for instance.

Style sense
In next few seconds, your fashion and style sense is on her scanning radar. The way you dress up speaks a lot about your personality. This doesn’t mean that you have to look like a movie star all the time, but avoid making silly fashion mistakes like wearing sport shoes on formal pants. You may not know, but she will notice all these things and more.

Women love bold, upfront and confident men who have opinion and views. During initial conversation, she tries to know how confident you are and how you approach things, positively or negatively. Accordingly, they get positive or negative vibes from you. Be positive and humble while talking to a woman and put forward your point too. However, don’t try to lead a


conversation, have a conversation with her. Don’t try to act smart
Women label you boring if you can’t keep up the conversation. So, leave those one-liners, hold her attention and make the session lively. The more you communicate, the more she will know about you. She might notice your communication skills, so be yourself and avoid arrogance.

Sense of humour
Women love guys who have a good sense of humour and who can make them laugh. They are quite popular with women and they feel comfortable and candid with such men. Start the first conversation on a light and funny note to churn out the positive results. Avoid dirty jokes during first conversation and earn bonus points with healthy humour..

sex3… And Women’s Worst Mind Games On men

Women are known to be the torchbearers of mind games! But jokes apart, men will definitely acknowledge the fact that women do know the game better than them.

The waiting game
There’s no woman on this planet who hasn’t mastered the art of getting late for a date or making her man wait endlessly. Women derive fun from this. It not only makes her feel important but also dominant in the relationship!

The bait game
The bait game is common amongst most women in their 20s or 30s. The forever question of asking your boyfriend/husband whether you look fat in a particular dress is something most of us constantly do on a day-to-day basis. If he says yes, you immediately seek recluse. But if he says a no, then you end up feeling that he just doesn’t care.

The ‘hard to get’ game
This is one game each and every woman plays in the beginning of her relationship, irrespective of the age. A woman does this to simply either put off the guy, make herself feel important or test his worth.

The ‘dumb game’
Most women know that they are better at maths than her crush but still prefer to play dumb! For example, even if she knows how to connect the wire to the TV, she would love to play dumb and ask the guy to do it for her.

These are just a few mind games that women love to play on men to get him to do things she expects out of him.