America to attack Iran in 2013, says US former envoy to Israel


A countdown of America’s military attack on Iran may have started with logistics build up of strategies, according to a United States envoy.

Former US Ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk   predicted that America will go to war with Iran as early as 2013, claiming that right now US is just playing on time.

“I’m afraid that 2013 is going to be a year in which we’re going to have a military confrontation with Iran,”

Martin Indyk said.

According to CBS news, Indyk pointed out that the time has not come, yet, that the US needs to take military action.

“Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon. While there’s still time, there’s not a lot of time,” he said.

Indyk’s remarks came during a discussion with foreign policy experts on the latest protests in the Middle East and Israel’s public statements pressuring the United States over Iran.

On Israel’s insistence that the US publicly declare a ‘red line’ that Iran is not permitted to cross, Indyk said ‘that is an unreasonable requirement’.

“The idea of putting out a public red line – in effect issuing an ultimatum – is something that no president would do,” the report quoted him, as saying.

“If you noticed, Governor Romney is not putting out a red line, Senator McCain didn’t, either. And neither is Bibi Netanyahu for that matter, in terms of Israel’s own actions,” he added

He says every effort must be made to reach a deal with Iran, insisting that  Obama, Romney and Netanyahu will not set red lines “because it locks you in.”


Without a negotiated solution over the Iranian nuclear program, 2013 will likely see a military confrontation with Iran, Martin Indyk said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

“There is still time, perhaps six months, even by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s own time table to try to see if a negotiated solution can be worked out,” Indyk said on the morning news show.

“I’m pessimistic about that. If that doesn’t work out — and we need to make every effort, exhaust every chance that it does work — then I am afraid that 2013 is going to be a year in which we’re going to have a military confrontation with Iran.” and