America war plane down over Benghazi, confirms US military official

Mean Machine: An F-15E War Machine

The U.S. military confirmed on Tuesday that one of her fighter jets crashed in Libya during a war mission.
The Daily Telegrph reported that two pilots who flew the F-15 Strike Eagle over Libya were lucky to have escaled through ejecting and landing by parachute.


The remains of the downed War Machine

A report on Telegraph cofirmed through reporters source from Libya that the pilots were safe and well after being met by locals who were very friendly. The soldiers were  reportedly rescued by rebels after the jet forced down in a field near Benghazi due to “mechanical failure,”


Sky News also quoted U.S. officials as saying that the two pilots were in good condition though with minor injury.
According to other media reports, the two crew members ejected after the equipment failure and are safe, although sustaining minor injuries.