American Election Terrible 20: Our Excuses For Not Voting in 2012 Election

I am an idiot:.. Would’nt be bothered!

While most Americans take their civic responsibilities seriously, many of their fellow citizens couldn’t care less about participating in democracy. Help us finish this list of twenty truly lame reasons for not hoofing in to your polling place on Election Day. Leave your suggestions in the comment section or tweet them @TeamCoco with the hashtag #TerribleVotingExcuses. We’re Team Coco and we approve this message. 

[UPDATE: The polls have closed and The Terrible 20: Voting Excuses is now complete. Thanks to everyone who loves democracy & played along!]

The Terrible 20: Excuses For Not VotinNo free WiFi at polling place.

  1. No free WiFi at polling place.19.Can’t find pants.

    18.“Boy Meets World” marathon JUST started on cable

    17.Already voted on “The X Factor.” Isn’t that enough?

    16.That one mean squirrel outside looks like he’s just waiting to start a fight.

    15.There’s no open bar. – David Barner

    14.Too fat to fit in the booth. – Anthony Bondi

    13. My rascal is out of batteries. – Ryan McKay

    12. Afraid it would come off as pretentious. – Paul Bond

    11. My car elevator got stuck. – Nick Walmer

    10. Desmond says that if I don’t enter the sequence every 108 minutes, the world will end. – @CPin42

    9. Not my fault Election Day and Endless Shrimp days at Red Lobster overlap. – @LumanTyler

    8.Waiting to see who is going to win; who wants to vote for a LOSER? – @NickBrommer

    7.Already told the Freemasons who to secretly elect. – @AndiPalmur

    6 .Ballot TL;DR. – @BastardMornings

    5. I can’t leave the house because I’m on a mine-sweeper hot streak. – Doobs Page

    4. I thought this election was only for people living in Ohio. – Deena Nyer Mendlowitz

    3. I thought they only needed 270 votes to win. – Josh Fields

    2. I plan to be convicted of a felony in the next four years. I want to stay honest and fair to the rules. –Peter James Crowell

    1. I’m Canadian. – Lacy Lawson