Angry Nigerians condemn government installation of scanners on the nation’s Airports.


    Many Nigerians have expressed shocks at the rate the government has responded to international request for the installation of body scanners in most terrorism tagged nations in the event of the Christmas day attempted terror attack by Nigerian born globe trotter, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

    Nigeria has responded according to reports emerging and has  installed two 3-D full body scanners at its largest airport., Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos. Installation will follow in other International Airports across the country, according to reports.

    Airport check scanner catoon
    Airport check scanner catoon

    .”We have installed two full body scanners at the Murtala Mohammed International airport in Lagos in response to the December 25 failed bid by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow up a US plane in mid-air,” Akin Olukunle, spokesman for the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), told AFP.

    Nigeria’s other international airports in the capital Abuja, the oil town of Port Harcourt and the largest northern city, Kano, will also be equipped with the electronic scanners that are capable of detecting anything hidden on a human body according to reports.

    Responding to the government action in yielding promptly into the international request, many Nigerians have described the nation’s rulers as a bunch of self centred  opportunist who never had the interest of the citizens at heart.

    An irate respondent reacted on the Reuter’s news Agency blog: “You see this stupid and self serving Nigerian politicians….. In each event the Nigerian people are being vindicated by the self centred, corrupt, evil thieves ruling us.

    “They rushed and purchased these scanners just to please the so called “international allies” and to safeguard themselves from being blown up by any act in the name of combating terrorism while millions go each day without electricity, water and die of hunger due to lack of agricultural investment in a country where 35% of the land is arable. What a Shame!!! your time will come and no matter the security you put up, KARMA is around the corner”

    Many respondent expressed anger that the rulers have created a buffet around themselves while exposing innocent citizen into street dangers of hunger, lack of electricity, water good roads and infrastructural impotence.

    Nigeria is now on a US list of 14 countries for which special security has been ordered on all flights heading to the United States.

    Many countries of the world ever since the so called Christmas eve attack had treated Nigeria with contempt while many has made Nigeria to obtain their countries visa through the needles eyes.


    1. The Murtala Mohammed international airport Lagos in my opinion is the most abusive airport as far as privacy laws are concerned especially, with the introduction of the body scanner.

      During my recent trip, I had already walked through a scanner and was subsequently patted down on my way to my departure gate, but was approached by an airport security staff who requested that I follow him to a room where I will be searched and scanned for a second time

      While in the room, I was asked to step in front of a giant scanner and have my legs spread apart which I did,
      the machine carried me through an x-ray scanning apparatus and soon after that, about 5 airport staff employees (3 men and 2 women to be exact) all gathered in front of a computer monitor to view my x-ray images, I couldn’t figure out what they were looking for but I was asked to go on the machine again and I was scanned a second time, I didn’t want to argue with them or question their motivation because afterall this is Nigeria, I could easily miss my flight.

      After I was scanned for the second time, they all gathered again in front of the computer monitor to view my second scanned image when suddenly one of the ladies sarcastically asked me, “what did you eat?”, I replied to her that I ate some rice prior to my coming to the airport, they laughed and asked me to go, and wished me a safe trip.

      I felt humiliated while in the plane, I also felt that the Lagos airports employees should be educated on privacy and dignity laws, I have never been so humiliated in my life, I still think about it and I feel bad and angry each time I do.