Arewa re-organises to ensure a northern victory for power retention


The famous born to rule syndrome mentors appear to be running scare in the face of the low performance by CPC in the Assembly election. The group which gave President Jonathan conditions for support begging for all juicy position in government are re- organising to ensure everything works well for the northern power retention. But as their hope, Muhammadu Buhari faltered in the last election, the dream of north power retention looks a mirage. Nigerian Tribune analysis:

ACF leader, Adamu Ciroma

Apparently jolted by the outcome of the National Assembly election, which showed that the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), led by Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), failed to do well in the North-West geopolitical zone as expected, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), on Sunday night, summoned a meeting of its chieftains in Kaduna.

Although it was learnt that the meeting was meant to be a closed one, sources said that the ACF had called the meeting to assess the fate of the presidential candidate of the CPC, Major-General Buhari, in view of the failure of his party to capture most of the North-West states as expected during the National Assembly election.

Sources confirmed to the Nigerian Tribune that the CPC was also worried by the outcome of the National Assembly polls, which confirmed a routing of the party by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the North-West.

Muhammadu Buhari: Can't retain power to north by faltering in Assembly election

Ahead of the general election, the CPC chieftains had calculated that religion and ethnicity would form a major determinant of the election and that while the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) was expected to pick most of the seats in the South-West, the CPC would win in most of the northern states.


On the basis of that projection, the opposition parties had calculated that they would be able to force a rerun in the presidential election.

But while the ACN won in most of the states of the South-West, the CPC could not record significant wins in the northern states.

The CPC is coming a distant second in the states of the North-Central, while PDP had won big in the North-West states of Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Jigawa and Kano.

A source told the Nigerian Tribune that the ACF’s meeting would enable the top leaders to examine the implications of the National Assembly election for Buhari and at the same time come up with some ways forward.
The meeting is also said to involve some affiliate groups, which would be given specific assignments after the appraisal.

Said the source: “The Arewa Consultative Forum has called a joint meeting today (Monday) in Kaduna of most northern groups to appraise the Saturday election. The meeting is to express surprise at the results from most of the North-West and design the way forward. It came as a big surprise that the CPC failed to capture the zone.”
But another source said that the defeat of the CPC was not surprising because the party was not on the ground in the zone.
He said: “It is not enough to show a big crowd on television. How many of the people in the crowd have voter cards? How many of them are ready to withstand the pressure and remain in the queue for as long as possible to cast their votes? The CPC is simply not on the ground in the North-West.”
Also, the leadership of the CPC was said to have been seriously jolted by the results coming from the North-West.
It was gathered that the party had dispatched a strong team to begin a series of strategic meetings in states like Kano, Kebbi, Sokoto and Jigawa.
Presidential candidate of the CPC, Major-General Buhari, was also said to have concluded plans to meet with the Alhaji Adamu Ciroma-led Northern Political Leaders Forum (NPLF), which coordinated the Northern consensus arrangement.

It was learnt that while Buhari had kept the NPLF at bay all along, his party’s faltering start in the North-West had compelled him to seek Ciroma’s assistance.
A source in the know told the Nigerian Tribune: “The CPC has raised teams to Kano, Sokoto and Jigawa states. They are also to meet with the Adamu Ciroma G15. General Buhari himself is already seeking the backing of the Ciroma group. They (teams) have already left for these states.”

It was learnt that the CPC was not only unhappy with the results from parts of the North, its leaders, at a meeting on Sunday, also rejected the results as announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC), though a formal statement has not been issued.

A source said the party’s reaction might be unfolded after Saturday’s presidential election.