Assault on wife: suspended Deji of Akure goes to the forest to seek spiritual guide from ancestors

Oba of Akure
Oba of Akure

Deji of Akure, Oba Adepoju Adesina (Osupa111) has headed to the bush in the town to seek forgiveness from the land gods after bringing the stool -ship into disrepute last weekend by assaulting his second wife.

The  troubled Oba was quoted as having told  some of his loyal subjects that he was going on reclusion after his ‘sinful act’ claiming he was “retreating to “Igbo Idumale”, (the traditional forest of spirits) to seek the help from  his ancestors.

He said his seclusion would be  without food and water and may last for seven days.

The traditional ruler has just  been suspended from the state’s  Council of Obas  until further notice.

In a swift reaction to the alleged assault of one of his wives last weekend, Ondo State Council of Obas announced the suspension following last weekend’s brawl with one of his Oloris who was sprayed with an hot substance suspected to be hot ashes which caused Olori Bolanle temporarily scared and seriously psychologically dehumanized.

Oba  Adepoju Adesina was a subject of local feud late last year when Kingmaker in Akure deposed him in a most humiliating manner dis-owning him as their traditional ruler.

Gov Segun Mimiko
Gov Segun Mimiko

It took the state governor’s intervention to reinstate his position after the Kingmakers claimed all rituals  for his deposition had been carried out with many trees in the town market cut down to signal the oba’s dethrownment.

Olori Bolanle, Oba Osupa's second  wife
Olori Bolanle, Oba Osupa's second wife

Governor Segun Mimiko in solidarity intervened explaining that the process embarked upon by the Kingmakers were crude and unofficial.

The case had since died down with the  governor threatening to carry out disciplinary actions against the Kingmakers if they continued formenting trouble in the  town.

Last weekend, Oba Osupa was widely reported to have visited Olori Bolanle’s family residence after sending her out of the palace. The Oba  apparently in a revenge move to collect some of her official paraphernalia which actually had their sources to the palace resorted to violence besieging the Olori’s residence  rampaging the house in a most disgraceful manner unexpected of a paramount ruler.. Among those items to recover was  Olori Bolanle’s official car.

The move culminated in a disgraceful assault and spousal abuse  in which the Oba was almost wrestled to the ground by supporters of the Olori who were moved by the Deji’s men’s attack on the palace queen.

The Olori, second wife of the Deji had since been hospitalized.

Oba Olateru Olagbegi
Oba Olateru Olagbegi

The Ondo State  chairman of the council of Obas, Oba Folagbade Olateru-Olagbegi, the Olowo of Owo in a move to dissociate from such gangsterism act, least expected from the ruler of a well respected community and culturally rich Kingdom, announced the immediate suspension of the traditional ruler from the Oba’s Council.

Speaking to reporters, Oba Olateru-Olagbegi said decision to remove the traditional ruler arose from the avalanche of evidence available to the council regarding the despicable conduct of the ruler of Akure kingdom.
Among other accusations, the traditional ruler was said to be addicted to drugs and engaging in self deflating action of challenging market woman and regularly visiting the market to intervene in market matters, demeaning his revered position.

The rampaging traditional ruler, who was then suspended by kingmakers in Akure but was restored by Governor Segun Mimiko of Ondo State, has been accused of using drugs and engaging in sundry criminal behaviors.

The Kingmakers, furious about the chains of his atrocities said he was tarnishing the traditional institution of the “Deji of Akure”, a front-line and power wielding position in the state and even in Yoruba land.

However, it has just been  revealed that the brutalized Olori Bolanle is pregnant with her third child.

In the meantime, the troubled Oba has told some of his loyal subjects that he has “retreated to “Igbo Idumale”, (the forest of spirits) to seek the help of his ancestors and would remain there without food and water for seven days. It is unclear how the police would be able to reach him in the forest to enable them conduct their investigations after conceding to pressures that the feud must be investigated. The Police had earlier said the assault was a domestic matter.

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