AU in deeper mess over Libya as America and allies announce recognition of rebels as legitimate govt.

Libya: Rebel declared as legitimate government

The African Union continues to suffer humiliation in the hands of America and the West with both still rubbishing the Union in decisions relating to Africa affairs where that Union is suppose to be a stake holder.

The Union continues to be treated with contempt and abandonment as suggestions, views and opinions of the Union over all issues concerning the continent are rubbished.

Only  few months ago as France lead a league of West led decision makers when the former President of Ivory Coast,  Laurent Gbagbo was ousted in the most brutal military confrontation, taking the side of rebels, precipitating in the installation of Alassane Ouatara as the Ivorian leader.

Some of the recent moves by America, Britain and France together with some less powerful allies are being viewed in many quarters as a new colonisation and scramble for Africa.

As David Cameron commences a two day visit in the middle of a major crisis of phone hacking in Britain,, The Guardian in a news item affirmed in an headline: “David Cameron joins the new Scramble for Africa – catching up with China”

According to the paper: “Intense discussions were held in No 10 last week about whether David Cameron should abandon a two-day visit to South Africa and Nigeriawhich begins on Monday morning on Nelson Mandela‘s 93rd birthday .

” What we are seeing now in is a new wave of  colonisation as  Africa had long be regarded as a virgin land with focus  of outsiders  scrambling for in economic exploration” said East- Africa political analyst, Alex Kombe opined.

Last Friday America led another league of unilateral body deciding on the fate if Libya as the rebel movement in the country has been recognised as the legitimated government of Libya.
Many allies members have declared support for the decision.

Russia has criticised the US and other countries decision recognising the Libyan rebels’ national transitional council as a legitimate government .
The country has deplored what it called illegal taking of side in a other country’s civil war referring to earlier stance of ammunition supply to the rebels.

“Those who declare recognition stand fully on the side of one political force in a civil war,” the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, told reporters.
The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, announced the recognition of the rebels on Friday when she was in Turkey for a meeting of an international contact group on Libya.

Libya Map

The international contact group on Libya in Istanbul agreed to recognise the Benghazi-based opposition as the “legitimate government authority in the territory of Libya,” France’s Foreign Minister Alain Juppe also declared on Friday.
Juppe said recognition of the rebel Transitional National Council was included in the final declaration released at the end of the one-day meeting in Istanbul.
The meeting has agreed a road map whereby Muammar Gaddafi should relinquish power and all military responsibility and call a ceasefire. It also drew up plans for Libya’s transition to democracy. Juppe said military operations would continue through the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which starts in August, unless a ceasefire was agreed
The major decision therefore has automatically unblock billions of dollars in frozen Libyan funds now to be assessed by the rebels,

Muammar Gaddafi, who has resisted Nato bombing for nearly four months and has refused to back-down claiming Libyans would fight to the last drop of blood to salvage their country from aggression.

Russia, along with China, has taken a softer line towards Gaddafi. They were both invited to the Istanbul contact group meeting but did not attend.

“Supporters of such a decision are supporters of a policy of isolation, in this case the isolation of those forces that represent Tripoli,” said Lavrov, adding that Moscow was in contact with both Tripoli and the rebels.

Russia abstained from voting on a resolution that authorised western force against Gaddafi to protect civilians. It has increasingly criticised the scope of the Nato campaign as well as the role of the Libya contact group.

African Union

However, for three days running, supporters of Ghadaffi have been holding solidarity rallies arriving venues in carnival-like style, with bands, horseback riders and even a camel dyed green.
At each gathering, thousands of delirious supporters of Moammar Ghaddafi cheered his defiant speeches, declaring their continued support.

“These are the millions of Libyan people, and the picture is now complete. Who else remains? Less than 100,000 are trapped in Benghazi, Derna and Tobruk,” Ghaddafi said in one of the speeches, referring to rebel-held cities in the east..

NATO jets destroyed further infrastructures and military storage site and other targets in Tripoli’s eastern outskirts early Sunday, and rebel attacks on the eastern oil city of Brega stretched into their fourth day, with reports of intense battles in the residential areas.

The latest pro-Khadafy rally was held Saturday in the shattered city of Zawiya, where outgunned rebels held off government forces for weeks at the start of the rebellion against Khadafy’s four-decade rule in February.

Many of the people in the crowds, especially in the other cities, however, seemed truly sincere in their support. Khadafy has carefully changed the narrative of the struggle from one about a rebellion to a story of foreign aggression against the Libyan people.

“We love Moammar Khadafy, because he is our father,” said Iman Haj, a young woman at the rally in the town of Ajaylat. She paused, “I don’t know why, but we love him.”

The African Union in its self effort to resolve African crisis continues to forward useful proposals for solving all African ignited crisis with the Union’s voice continually ignored and being made completely irrelevant.