Baba Suwe: NDLEA lied and tried to cover its incompetence up


It has been suggested that the NDLEA may have lied to cover up its inadequacies in the ongoing drug saga involving one of the nation’s top comedy actor, and dramatist, Babatunde Omidiran (aka Baba Suwe).

Sources said NDLEA may have been paralysed by its own lied and try to cover up after it relised its follies in the saga.

The source said Baba Suwe’s arrest could have been premeditated and caused by ambitious informant who was only acting to seek for gratification from the drug agency.

Sources claimed that the super jester could have been a victim of NDLEA’s underground informant who got it so wrong, after hints to him that the actor could be carrying the substance because he was travelling.

NDLEA has proved that his action has so far been normal, even though the accused has stayed longer than what the law stipulates after an arrest of a  suspect. Suspects are supposed to be charged  24 hours to arrest and interrogation or be released.

The source said NDLEA has many underground informants working across the country to give leads on illegal drug trades.

The  ambition  by an  informant may have backfired as the target on Alhaji Omidina has now  spelt serious discredit for the drug agency. Now it is up for a face saving propaganda to salvage its image.

It was claimed that Baba Suwa passed through the Airport scan and the scan detected that he was carrying drugs.

But  one week after his arrest, nothing incrimination has been found while the accused has answered the call of nature about three times  which could have revealed the contents sighted in his stomach.

The current development indicates that NDLEA lied that it ran the actor through the scan.

A source hinted: ” There are clear indications that Baba Suwe was only reported by an informant and was not taken through the scan as earlier suggested by the drug agency”.

“NDLEA  linking the arrest  to the scan could have been an attempt to convince the world that the agency was working hard walking people through the scan whereas, it was lazily sitting on the benches while acting on outside information to make cheap arrests” the source suggested

According to NDLEA spokesman Mitchell Ofoyeju: “From experience, what we are doing is that we are just interdicting drugs.

“Some people will not excrete the drugs they ingested the first or second time; we have even had a case where somebody did three excretions in three days without excreting any drug.
“ It was on the fourth day that drugs started coming out and the guy had been insulting us .

Baba Suwe and deceased wife Moladun

But Baba Suwe has spent eight days now with the Agency, an indication that the current exercise is a name saving device for NDLEA to salvage its image from  being accused of  incompetence especially with our respondent claiming that Baba Suwa might have been reported by an informant.

Legal practitioners serving in Bamidele Aturu and Co have faulted the continued detention.

The head of the law firm, Bamidele Aturu and the immediate past Secretary of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, Malachy Ugwummadu, jointly condemned the unlawful detention claiming that the comedian having been detained for over 24 hours  has been grossly abused.

Addressing journalists on Monday on the state of the nation, ahead of its forthcoming fourth Annual Law and Social Development Lecture scheduled for October 24 at the Ikeja Airport Hotel, Aturu said the security agencies in the country have been incapacitated by the defective structures of governance recommending the resignation of  the head of some of Nigeria’s security organisations.

The legal group recommended the resignation of the heads of the nation’s social security  Agencies  including EFCC and ICPC.

Aturu said the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), the police and Code of Conduct Bureau have failed in their statutory mandates and ordered the immediate resignation of their heads.

The ongoing drug arrest scenario however is scandalous enough to warrant the sack or resignation of  NDLEA  Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, Mallam Mohammadu Giadeand the agency’s  airport commander, Alhaji Hamza Umar.

Ofolie added:“What is happening is that many members of the public do not really know how we work.

“In every 10 cases that the airport machine suspects, nine will be positive.
“The x-ray shows patches when there are wraps of cocaine; even if somebody eats akpu or eba, it does not show up as drugs.

“All along, he had the substances in his system and if we had not been persistent, he would have gone.

“In every 15 persons that we place on observation, a minimum of 13 turn out to be positive.

“One thing I want people to understand is that this period is actually an investigative period; we do not go to press to announce that somebody had been arrested.

“However, in Baba Suwe’s case, because he is a celebrity, when people called, we could not deny and we told them he is in our custody but we are still investigating him and conclusions have not been made.”

But the agency has succeeded in revealing many barons and their agencies.

In the latest development,  the agency has said that its ‘big catch’ must undergo CT scan to determine if he carried drugs when he was arrested last week.

Ofoyeju said Baba Suwe would be released if the scan reveals nothing.

Omidina was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos last Thursday after allegedly testing positive to drug ingestion.

Ofoyeju said: “We should be able to ascertain things before the week runs out.

“Usually, we only use CT scan when a suspect says he is not sure of the exact number of the wraps he ingested.
“CT scan is about N100, 000 per subject. We are exploring other options.”

CT scanning—sometimes called CAT scanning—is a non-invasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat cancer and cardiovascular disease.

It provides greater clarity and reveals more details than regular x-ray examinations.
CT scanning combines special x-ray equipment with sophisticated computers to produce multiple images or pictures of the inside of the body.

It is however being expected for how long NDLEA would own up to its own lies and admit it has lied and that it was hasty and misjudged , having acted on informants action rather than on the scan, which they claimed has never faulted.

NDLEA has confirmed that  Baba Suwe, still in the agency’s custody  has no any drug-related records with the agency.