Babangida kisses off Presidential ambition and says “goodnight” in dream crash

Ibrahim Babangida
Ibrahim Babangida

LONDON 23/11/2010: Former military dictator, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida  has had his dream of running over Nigeria once again thwarted by the northern choice of Atiku Abubakar as PDP’s  presidential candidate for the primaries in next year’s  election.

Atiku has been chosen to stand against President Goodluck Jonathan in the next general election coming up next year April.

Another heavyweight that fell in the same PDP candidacy  ambition was  Aliyu Gusau, another former general who relinquished his Federal post to run for the party’s ticket.

They are both seated in their respective personal residential palaces in a nail biting think back, counting their losses and reflecting back on what would be their gains after Atiku’s choice. Nigeria has a tradition of settlement in such political trade display, unless, things have changed for the better.

“Just like the FIFA world cup lobby where many big fishes swallow the small ones through the so called lobby, Babangida and Gusau may not be loosing much in terms of finance as there could be some asking prices for their sacrifices, loss of honour and dignity and pride  in stepping down for Atiku”, claimed a political observer in London.

Whatever the asking price for their lost honour, the situation has put smiles in the face of millions of Nigerians  across the world who have campaigned vigorously against Babangida’s second coming, after the former general  had challenged destiny by attempting to tally with Obasanjo’s political record, ruling the nation twice as a military and as civilian.

While former President Obasanjo was dating with destiny, Babangida was perfecting his  choreographic Maradona scheme play, which alas!,  has ended in heavy crashes, though with no physical injury but obvious mental and emotional tube burst.

The  possible  reward for their sacrifices may not be enough to pay for the their loss of  honour especially with the level of ridicule and resentment that the former Military dictator had been subjected in the past few months.

In what many has observed described as an inevitable fall from grace to dishonour, the surrender especially by Babangida to the well-oiled political machinery of former vice-president Atiku Abubakar, in the Northern Nigeria’s search for a consensus presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) could have been a forgone issue.

Babangida have been met with spiteful resentment by the generality of Nigerians on the eve of launching his new ambition.

He tactically kicked off his crashed dream  in October 2009 when he delivered a speech in the north during the annual lecture organised on behalf of former ruler General Abdulsalam Abubakar.

During a speech he delivered at the lecture, he had advocated for state police and requested for the state control of Education, claiming that  those burdens should be shed off the Federal government shoulders and  schedules. Political observers had seen the requests as justified and overdue but concluded the demanded was being used as a con-trick to win the hearts of Nigerians., following the speech in October ran a news gossip that such speech could be signalling the evil genus ambition to come back to politics.

About four  months later, Babangida came out with declared ambition that he was running for the nation’s presidency once again.

Babangida, who emerged from the blues to put across his views was rumoured by EMNnews then in the gossip story as attempting to test the waters, as he might be nursing another ambition to come back to politics. EMNnews was right.

In a press statement today accepting the collapse of the evil genus Babangida’s presidential aspirations, Raymond Dokpesi, the Director of the Babangida Presidential Campaign Organisation, congratulated Atiku and committed the campaign “to all the elements of the Consensus Agreement and understanding.”  The terms of the Consensus Agreement were not made known.

Abdulsalam Abubakar

Also congratulating the former vice-president, Ben Obi, the Director-General of the Aliyu Gusau Campaign Organization, recalled that his principal had always maintained that electoral contest “should not be a do or die affair.”

Extending its hand of fellowship to Atiku Abubakar , the statement urged followers of General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau to “remain calm and undeterred by this outcome, urging them to await further directives.”

In his statement, which seemed to target the candidature of incumbent President Mr. Goodluck Jonathan, Mr. Dokpesi, a sworn enemy of the nation’s leader said, “In between the Adamu Ciroma committee on the one hand, and the aspirants on the other, there is a fundamental lesson which the Nigerian people, over time, will appreciate much more than now.

Democracy can only be sustained and flourish under the principles of justice, rule of law, equity, and determination, particularly on the part of leadership to respect, adhere and advance the framework of upholding the constitution not only of the country, but also of various institutions such as the constitution of the Peoples’ Democratic Party. “

In a pointed remark aimed at the argument that Jonathan has violated the PDP’s zoning mechanism by choosing to run in the next election, the IBB Campaign said, “You cannot breach the rules and regulations of the Party and yet pretend to foster the rules and regulations of Nigeria.

Human conduct is a logical system and not merely of opportunism; more so under a regime of democracy and constitutional government.”


  1. Still awaiting the total collapse of the charade of these so call “Northern-Wise-Men” (aka The CABAL) who, as I see it, do not even properly represent the interest of the ordinary Northerner, much less Nigerians. To me, there is not much difference between Atiku and Babagida. They are both cut from the same cloth. If the so called wise men love the common Northerner, they should then, at least, put forward a credible candidate; not thieves in political garments.