Back-door strategy to let Dick Cheney off Halliburton’s Nigeria bribe scandal?

Ex American Veepee Dick Cheney

A delegation  of Nigerian legal bigwigs led by Attorney General of the Federation, Mr Mohammed Adoke, teaming up with top lawyers from Economic and Finance Crimes Commission allegedly held a close door meeting with an high powered American representatives of Halliburton and KBR  over the weekend in London to  discuss all matters relating to the impending bribery scandal  litigation against  the former American Vice President, Dick Cheney in Nigeria.

Dick Cheney was Halliburton’s Chief Executive before ascending the position of Vice President under Bush Administration.

Unconfirmed reports are  claiming that Halliburton officials and those of KBR are proposing a “settlement” package to resolve the bribery scandal, widely viewed across America as embarrassing.  All the  charges were filed in Abuja last week, seeking to commit Mr. Cheney to prison in Nigeria.

Cheney  allegedly influenced top government officials through large scale bribe scandal as Halliburon boss in the 1990s to win contracts. So far, the amount involved has been quoted to be  over $180 million in backhanders  to Nigerian ruling party officials as well as government ministers.

The allegations involved at least three former Nigeria Heads of States and has been seen to have undermined development in Nigeria while also sabotaging the nation’s economy to unimaginable level.

Halliburton reportedly reduced its initial offer of $500 million to $30 million, but Nigeria officials at the negotiations have instead on higher figures and are also asking for Halliburton to persuade Swiss authorities to release to Nigeria the $100 million it had frozen as proceeds of crime.

An extra $30 million frozen by authorities in Monaco is also expected to be released to the Nigerian authorities if the negotiations work out as planned.

The entire exercise will add $150 million to the coffers of the Nigerian government.  Halliburton is also expected to pay legal fees as was those of the victims of the controversial Pfizer’s illegal drug test settlements in Kano, Nigeria.

In the agreement can be reached, Nigeria will drop last week’s charges against Mr. Cheney and Halliburton, as well as the KBR officials indicted, an effort many has seen as seriously politically influenced.

Sources at the Prosecutor’s offices told SaharaReporters that French company, Technip, has refused to come to the negotiation table.  In the coming days, the Prosecutor’s office plans to come down hard on the company over its intransigence.

Whatever becomes of the settlement, according to sources at the negotiations, Halliburton, which has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, will indemnify KBR for the costs of settlement while Mr. Cheney can rest easy without further harassment over his sordid past at Halliburton.

Source: Sahara reporters


  1. Our own na wa! has the AGF or EFCC now become law court? A Fine is a specie of conviction for a criminal offence. In this case the offence of Bribery is covered by Section 65, whiles the punishment is covered by Section 66 of the Criminal Code, for offences committed in Southern Nigeria, with corresponding provisions under the Penal Code for offences committed in the North. What is important is that a sentence must be prescribed by law. See Section 36(12) of the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria 1999 which makes it unconstitutional otherwise.
    That the AGF and EFCC “agreed to an offer made by Halliburton to pay fines totalling up to $250 million US?” have themselves committed illegal and unconstitutional acts. The Executive have by this negated the principles of separation of powers enshrined in our constitution and usurped the duties of the judiciary.
    What do I recommend? the law is sacrosanct and should be no respecter of persons. You are either prosecuting or you are not. The AGF can refuse under his constitutional power under section 174 not to prosecute.
    Who will ever take Nigeria seriously, as it can be alluded that the $250 Million declared may actually be more and that there is more that meets the eye.