‘Battered’ Bring Many Together On The Night Of Many Stars In London



‘Battered’, the long awaited movie produced by   Fatima Jabbe, the Gambian born  multi-talented actress has been  premiered in London and has been rated as one of the most attended  in London Nollywood UK  film premiere history.

Guests alike  came in different colours, shapes and sizes and it was a day nature showed itself as a mult-faced giver of  beauties in abundance and grace in its all facets.

 They all came, saw and got well celebrated and appreciated by all as South East London was aglow with presence of international stars and celebrities.

 The hostess, Fatima Jabbe was all in glowing grace being led by security officers on the night  to her special place of prominence as the real celebration  commenced on the day.Battered has an appeal of  international audiences as a family fortune re-shaping movie, revealing the dilemma of a violently oppressed woman in a family setting. It reveals the terrible state of the minds of many African women going through violence and with such helpless rigor, raising awareness about domestic violence in our community.  Her mission was more than accomplished

 Odion Cinema Management, in a feed feedback was more than thankful holding Fatima high as one of the best asset they ever had after a wonderful night and successful outing full of fun and first class entertainment. The Management  held  the actress as one they can count on after bringing pride, class, recognition and big applause to the venue. She was sent a thank you note.

Fatima had arrived at the venue  in a blaze of camera spectacle and her glorious  appearance had held many still in consternation of celebration as the cynosure of all eyes at the venue.

 She was still bathing in international glory after she won the 2013 African Oscars’ Favorite Award Winning Female Actress. Battered  was like an icing on the cake and as she appeared well adorned in her whole length  TB creation from USA, all eyes turned in wild acceptance and applause. Her Hairstyle was unique and well attune with her make up after Fanta’s Saloon in London worked it out as being irresistible to all eyes.

The famous Gambian actress was swarmed by photographers and many  fashion designers as she stepped onto the red carpet, helped by close associates who held her hand in the honour of being the celebrant of the day. She came she saw and she conquered many hearts as one among equal.

“One thing that really endeared me to Fatimah is her usual candour and humility, which she compliments with good smiles and admiring nods” one of her close associates told me as she reflected on the day’

On arrival, she was quick to attend to the waiting fans who had trooped in for a glimpse. The media was all hed over heal to take snaps and characteristically, her model body was all in action of receiving the hospitality of Camera lenses. Every one had a free day with spectacular engagement with other reigning actresses.

Fatima jabbe BatAs the real show began, she was introduced to the audience by the 2013 Nigerian UK-based Award Winning Best Male Actor Ikenna Obi.

Obi emphasized that Fatima is a passionate actress who has not allowed fame to take the better part of her humanity. He told the audience that Fatima is dedicated and committed to different non-profitable charity organizations such as the Gambia Meningitis Foundation, Women of Excellence, Face of the Gambia, The British Cancer Research Foundation and the John Utaka Foundation.

For her part, Fatima said of the importance of the movie that it is “dear to my heart” and she dedicated the movie to all victims of violence, especially ‘domestic violence’ from which she was inspired to write and produce the movie.

Fatima thanked her fans, friends, the Odeon management and the press, and emphasized that Battered will be premiered on the 20th of December 2013 in her home country of The Gambia.

“I am grateful to you all. Without you I cannot be what I am today. I love you all, I appreciate you all and I promise I won’t let you down in one of my chosen careers“, she said.