Benin Republic Annexes 16 Nigerian Villages

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Benin Republic Annexes 16 Nigerian Villages-The French colonized Benin Republic, one of Nigeria’s neighboring countries  has annexed sixteen villages in Okuta,  border town area in Baruten local government area of Kwara state.

The invasion is creating a rumour of new embarrassment after the successful annexation of Bakassi by Cameroun and the legal manipulation that allowed an oil area of the border between Nigeria and Camerouns being taken over by another French colonized nation,   thereby causing serious fears and palpable tension in the affected communities. A report some years ago had claimed that a survey which was meant to annex some part of Akwa Ibom State was being held while tension was building up in the area with security services from Cameroun being present.

However in the latest incursion reported by Vanguard Newspaper, another clandestine move to slash-off  big land from Nigeria to her neighbour by Republic of Benin had reached an alarming state as flags belonging to Benin Republic are being hoisted.

It was reported that  authorities of Benin Republic have gone futher in constructing Gerdarmes Offices (Police stations) in the affected Nigerian communities,

Vanguard checks revealed that the development negated the boundary delimitation of 1914 between Britain and France which the two countries had respected.

The affected Nigeria villages invaded by the Benin Republic include‎ Ogomne, Bwin, Gandasunon, Kpuru and Woru Wuren Kparu.

Others are Ajuba,1, Ajuba 2, Saka Yeruman Kparu,Monta, Dotin Kparu,Halidun Kparu, Yakubun Kparu, Sonsi,Gunosani, Alhaji Kparu,Yodo Mankparu and Simen Kparu.

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For several years, the French controlled countries which bounded Nigeria from had tested the nation’s resolve with incursions and contemptuously poking Nigeria in the nose, apparently with the support of their colonial powers. Bakassi was handed  to Frence colonized Cameroons some years ago, an attempt many believed had lowered war flag between the two countries

‎By Demola Akinyemi, Vanguard