Best of Nigeria Awards holds December 18, 2010


The 10th annual Best of Nigeria Awards take place on Saturday December 18, 2010.

Best of Nigeria Award is an award of honour for individuals of Nigerian origin who excelled in their various field of profession endeavours .

It has been held for almost a decade and has been organised by London based Nigerian Achievers Award Institute.

According to the organisers, this year’s Award will be held with lots of attached side attractions and fanfare, including music entertainment, Fashion, comedy and various social displays.

Dignitaries attending the occasion are drawn from various areas of engagements across United kingdom and beyond.

The social events has been scheduled to hold at the plush The Hilton Olympia, No 380,High Street Kensington, London W14, 8NL.

Nominations have begun for long and more are being solicited by the organisers who have maintained that the selection process of the Nigerian Achievers Awards has always been  conducted by both the general public and the Institute’s board.

Programme details

“The public selection process is conducted through the general public’s nomination of candidates in various sectors. Nominated candidates are short listed for the annual awards ceremony whilst the Institute’s selection is based on an on going assessment of members of the Nigerian community particularly in the Diaspora” the organisers claimed.

The Institute has an outlined guideline criteria that enables it to make credible decisions in its selection process.

The selection guidelines are as follows:

Outstanding contributions in field of endeavour
No criminal record
Overall unique strength
Charitable causes
Support for community initiatives
Sources claimed the year’s Award will come in different categories which include Life Achievers,  Banking and Finance, Building Industries, Commerce, Engineering, Fashion, Entertainment, Media, Sports, Public and Private Sectors, Medical profession, and many more.

Among the past recipients are, ace music star Sase Adu, Ben Chief Executive, Alistair Soyode,  Tokunboh Odebunmi, Kris Akabusi, Femi Okutubo, Felix Targgert, Ele peters and many more.