Beyonce: "I am pregnant"… condition to delay new movie

    Beyonce: Pregnancy may delay role in new movie

    Los Angeles -Beyoncé has stunned the world with a new scoop- she is pregnant with Jay-Z baby.

    The news had upstaged every performer at the MTV Video Music Awards as she made the  announcement at the peak of events that she and hubby Jay-Z are expecting a baby. The MTV Video Music Awards was held on Sunday.

    The superstar who will celebrate her 30 year birthday soon arrived on the red carpet holding her bulging belly while dressed in a loose-fitting, flowing red gown.

    MTV tweeted the news, and photos confirming her motherly status soon circulated.

    Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been married for three years; ever since they wed, the spawn watch has been on, with rumours of an impending announcement coming every few months.

    Beyoncé’s announcement overshadowed the night’s events, including Lady Gaga’s cross-dressing performance to kick off the show.

    The star was due to start work on Clint Eastwood’s A Star is Born in February 2012, but with surprise pregnancy announcement,  filming could be delayed, according to Deadline.

    Warner Bros are still in search for a male lead after Leonardo DiCaprio declined on the offer to star in the remake. Director Eastwood was unable to persuade the Inception star or to join the movie about an aspiring singer who falls for an older rock star while they were shooting the J Edgar biopic together.


    Will Smith, Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr and Jon Hamm have all been linked to the role.

    Beyoncé, had said  in an interview earlier that  she was looking forward to working on the project.

    “I met with Clint and I was so nervous and I know that it is the biggest opportunity of my life. I will work as hard as I can,” she said. “Because I can’t wait. And I am so happy that he trusts me and I am in good hands and I am so fortunate.”

    With the news of the pregnancy, her role may need to shift while more time is given for her to overcome her current condition.

    No announcement has yet been made about her due date.