Beyond the rhetoric: Goodluck Jonathan speaks to the nation


“Nigeria is bigger than any individual or any collection of individuals. Nobody can hold a country of 150 million people to ransom any more. The interest of a few conceited, ill-motivated individuals cannot be bigger than our national aspirations…. Nigerians will stand up to them and make it clear that they cannot be intimidated. …..“I want to assure Nigerians that blackmail and intimidation will not stop the Federal Government from doing the right thing”.

All Nigerians life matters to me,
In keeping with my word given on this page last year where I said the life of every Nigerian has a personal value to me, I, Good luck Jonathan, immediately ordered the evacuation of Nigerians from Egypt when the situation there escalated. Nigerians should be proud to note that before nationals from other countries were evacuated, Nigeria had evacuated over 500 of her nationals. GEJ

Think, Speak and act well about Nigeria

Many sectors of our economy gives us cause for pride. Know about Nigeria’s progress and tell the world. We still have areas with challenges and we are aware of the need to rise up to those challenges. But in whatever you do always think, speak and act well about Nigeria and she will go well. GEJ

The Banker-A Film by Reno Omokri which employs facts to dispel commonly believed myths about Nigeria.

With your support, we are on way to stardom

We are making progress in the power sector and last Tuesday we hit 4,000MW, the first time in 10 years we’ve reached that level. But it’s still not sufficient. While I don’t want to set a benchmark, what I can say is that we’ll insist on progress monthly. We are not where we need to be, but with the current investment in building the new Super Grid and new power stations we are definitely on the way there. GEJ
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Synergizing For Education-The Way To Grow Nigeria

by Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, 31 January 2011 at 16:31

You may have noticed from this year’s (2011) budget proposal now before the national Assembly that the administration which I head, by the grace of God and the wishes of the Nigerian people, intends to spend a record amount on education. This amount is easily the largest amount ever devoted to education since Nigeria became an independent nation on the 1st of October 1960.

One of the root causes of poverty is illiteracy and if we are to make any real progress in fighting illiteracy Nigeria will have to educate Nigerians and elevate our thinking to where we all can  collectively change the question from who will change Nigeria?-to the question-how will I change Nigeria

Some pundits have criticised government’s effort to set up nine additional universities, with at least one in every geo-political zone (of which work has already begun). They have posited that rather than establish new universities the money would be better spent improving those that already exist. I appreciate their profound thoughts but want to remind us all that currently only 10% of qualified youths are able to get spaces in our universities.

Now consider this, as a father with many children what would you do if you learn that there is not enough food for your children and so some are starving while some are eating but are not having enough to eat. Would you focus your effort on improving the diet of those who have food only? No reasonable father would do that.

The first and urgent thing to do would be to create a more level playing ground as much as is possible and ensure that all children have access to food and when that has been done then you can focus resources on improving the quality of the food

It is said that society’s grow only when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never enjoy. This is precisely what this administration intends to do.

As a government, we have a long term plan for Nigeria’s education sector which is to devote the lions share of our resources to education over the next four years.

Now the results will not always be immediate and that is okay. We must not be wary of long term investments whose yields and results would come only after the initiating administration has left office

In the past two years we have had an abysmal passing rates in both the WAEC and NECO examinations for secondary school leavers. As an educator, I requested for statistics and data on the success rates for those examinations over the years and I discovered that there has been a gradual but steady increase in failure rates.

I also requested for and got statistics and data on our national expenditure on education and discovered that allocation to the sector has not matched our population growth.

As Nigeria’s population has grown over the years, allocation to education has remained stagnant and in some cases has actually reduced year over year and the result has been that our educational facilities has been stretched beyond its capacity

It is to help reverse this negative slide in our educational system that I begun a number of policies and also launched the ‘Bring Back The Book Initiative’ a citizens framework for knowledge acquisition on December 20th, 2010. I wanted to lead by example and show to Nigeria’s youth that reading is cool. That the President and his cabinet read and that if they want to grow up and become presidents, Governors, Ministers, Commissioners captains of industry etc they have to read

Now I am making an appeal, a very strong appeal to all Nigerians. I want all adult working Nigerians to find time this year to visit their alma mater and find out the state of the facilities there and what they can do to help. Donate books, writing materials or feed some of the pupils.

Do something no matter how small to make a difference in the schools you graduated from. In fact if it is possible start a big brother/big sister programme where you take out time to mentor a pupil in your alma mater and motivate him or her to be a success.

Write to him or her, visit them at school, look over their home work, talk to their teachers.

It is possible. I do it within my busy schedule so I know that no matter how busy you are you can find time to do it if the will is there

I also call on corporate organisations to invest in education as part of their social responsibility programme. Give back to the society where you business is based. Build schools. If you can not build schools then renovate schools. If you cannot renovate then donate books. But what you should not do is simply do nothing. GEJ

Let’s build Nigeria into a bastion of hope

I am aware we are facing a lot of challenges but be assured that as a nation working together we are up to the task of meeting those challenges. Remember each and everyone of us has a role to play in Building Up Nigeria into a bastion of hope for the black world. Like this short film depicts, I urge us all to always think, speak and act well about Nigeria. GEJ

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INEC problems?.. we are in it together… My kids are home

Fellow Nigerians, I know the voter registration exercise has been challenging, but since nothing good comes easy, I urge you all to endure till you are registered. I also appeal for patience from parents of pupils at home due to the school closure arising from the incidence. Also, contrary to media reports my own children who all school in Nigeria are at home like other Nigerian children. GEJ

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by Goodluck Jonathan on Friday, 14 January 2011 at 17:19


About eight months ago fate beckoned on me to take up the mantle of leadership from our late leader, President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua and to honour his memory by striving to sustain the dreams that we all shared with him for a vibrant Peoples Democratic Party and a prosperous and peaceful nation.

  1. Last September I declared my interest to seek the nomination of our party to contest for the Presidency of our great country. I asked for your support so that together with Vice President Namadi Sambo and with your continued goodwill, we will secure a fresh mandate to confront the many challenges that are before our nation. I asked for your trust so that we can continue to expand the political space, promote greater democratic culture and unite our nation for rapid progress and speedy transformation.
  2. In the past months, within our party and around the nation, we have witnessed a campaign of unusual intensity within an unconstrained political space and today the Peoples Democratic Party has spoken with one strong voice.
  1. It is with great humility that I accept the monumental mandate which you have handed over to me as the Presidential flag bearer of our great party. This mandate is unique as it makes a decisive statement in the history of our great nation. This statement is that our people have chosen the unity of our country above all other considerations. It is a quantum leap into the great ideals to hold our great nation together. I promise all Nigerians that I will within my powers not disappoint this umbrella of unity you have entrusted on me today. I will carry this banner to all the corners of our great country to make sure that the essence of this unity is not lost on our people.
  1. We thank God for making this day possible.
  1. I thank all the delegates to this convention for the confidence you have reposed in me. I assure you that I will never let you down. I also thank all the members of our great party across the country for the role you have all played in influencing the choice that have been made by the fourth Presidential Nomination Convention of this party. I thank you all.
  1. I am very grateful to the DG of my campaign team Alhaji Dalhatu Sarki Tafida and members of the Jonathan/Sambo Campaign Organization for the great work that has been done to convert the will of the Nigerian people into delegates’ votes.
  2. I thank the convention organizing committee for organizing a secure, transparent, free and fair convention.
  1. Let me specially acknowledge the effort of my hard working and amiable Vice President, Architect Muhammed Namadi Sambo, a strong, reliable and trusted ally. I hereby reaffirm Architect Muhammed Namadi Sambo as my running mate for the forth coming Presidential election.
  1. This victory is not for me alone. It is not just for Sambo and our supporters in PDP. It is a victory for PDP members and indeed all Nigerians because it takes us one step closer to the Nigerian dream of national transformation.
  1. Let me very respectfully pay special tribute to Mrs Sara Jubril and Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who all fought gallantly. I believe that the very lively presidential primary has prepared the Vice President and I and indeed the entire party for the forthcoming general election. I want to welcome Mrs Jubril and his Excellency Alhaji Abubakar on board so that together we can build a Nigeria of our collective interest. A Nigeria where ideas guide our dreams for a greater nation.
  1. This is the time for the party to move forward in unity to bring this country under the PDP banner and gain the electoral victory that we need to better serve our nation.
  1. This country has many challenges and our polity certainly needs reform. Our economy needs to be strengthened, opportunities need to be spread and security needs to be improved. Only a national party can lead us through the national transformation Nigeria needs. Today, that national party is our party the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
  1. These are uncommon times in the history of this country. The challenges that confront this country are enormous but the opportunities available to us are even more. It is our responsibility as the ruling party of this great country to listen to Nigerians and move in the direction that the people expect us to go.
  1. Nigerians want peace and security and we are determine to provide it.
  1. Our party must convince Nigerians that we have a plan for national security and that we can cover the entire country in that plan.
  1. We are shedding the politics and corruption of the past that has held us down for too long and have formulated the strategy and team to transform Nigeria.  It won’t always be easy, but our momentum is strong and our vision for Nigeria is clear: through an improved power sector, stronger educational system, better security, and policies that promote Nigerian business development and jobs. Nigeria will play big globally as we approach the year 2020.
  1. Nigeria has the talent, skill, determination and passion to reach this ambitious – but achievable – goal. And our administration led by the Peoples Democratic Party has the right priorities and strategy to make it happen.
  1. Let us seek the Nigerian peoples mandate together as a united party and pursue the affairs of good governance for the next four years. This is more than a set of policies or new ideas – it is about all Nigerians joining hands to turn the page.
  1. Together, all party members, activists and people of Nigeria can work to win the forth- coming elections at all levels.
  1. I Thank you all and God bless you.

Bringing Back The Book

by Goodluck Jonathan on Monday, 10 January 2011 at 17:39

On the 20th of December, I unveiled an initiative aimed at promoting a reading culture in Nigeria via a citizens framework I called ‘Bring Back The Book’. Let me use this opportunity to thank you all who attending the event or followed it on television or the Internet.

In about 12days time about a hundred Nigerian writers, publishers, booksellers and others involved in the urgent matter of the BOOK will meet in retreat in furtherance of the initiative. Earlier, I had hosted the National Education Summit following the dismal performance of our children in the WAEC and NECO and last Wednesday I inaugurated the Education Task Team to review the report arising from the summit for immediate action. The Bring Back the Book campaign is a national survival and progressive imperative that must transcend governments. I want you my friends on facebook to join me and other friends and fellow citizens in our beloved country to drive this campaign for in it lies our freedom! We have no choice but to read and encourage ourselves to read and read and read again.

The bring back the book will grow our dying publishing industry; it will encourage the rise and rise of our young and talented writers so that The Soyinkas, Achebes and the J.P. Clarks will be happier in their old age that they have worthy successors! In practical terms I see many book clubs and libraries been established in our communities and cities in the months and years ahead. I am encouraged by the debates and the discussions following the Lagos launch and I hear very loudly the lamentation regarding the threats from the twin evil of book piracy and illiteracy.

I am confident that with us all citizens working together to uplift the book over and above politics of cynicism and doubt, we shall overcome Nigeria cannot be stopped! GEJ

We are one nation, one people, no-one is mere

Goodluck Jonathan I was deeply pained as the leader of this great nation to read the comments of certain persons who described some Nigerians who happen to be PDP delegates as being “mere”. The Almighty who created all Nigerians does not see them as “mere” and neither do I. We are one nation, one people who have value in the eye of true leaders. GEJ

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Some of Our Plans For The Good Of All Nigerians

by Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday, 06 January 2011 at 08:25

The 2011 budget being the first budget based on the Vision 20:2020’s First National Implementation Plan is targeted at helping Nigeria gain self sufficiency in many aspects. I shall be taking time out during the coming weeks to update you on the various ways this budget envisages that this would be done.

For example, in the area of health and agriculture, the government has gone a long way to ensure that Nigeria can both feed itself and care for its population.

As part of the budgetary allocation to the health sector are funds to establish scientific research institutes that will focus on areas that directly impact health care in Nigeria such as HIV, Malaria, Cholera, Sickle Cell Anaemia and Cancer. We are committed to ensuring that the ingenuity of the Nigerian scientist is applied towards solving our greatest health care challenges knowing that because some of these diseases are peculiar to Africa, they may not be a priority to the research institutes of governmental and private pharmaceutical research industries of the West.

In the agricultural sector, the budget makes provision to continue government’s investment in the sector which has as its aim to make Nigeria self sufficient in food production. The Commercial Agricultural Credit Scheme (CACS) will be continued and pursued with more vigour.

Already, 96 billion Naira of the 200 billion Naira earmarked for that scheme has been released in 18 states. The Ministry of Transport is poised this year to revive the rail ways and is devoting focused attention to those routes that will help get cash crops from the agrarian communities to the major commercial outlets. Provision has been made to build more silos and maintain those already in existence. In fact 54.22 billion Naira is earmarked for Food Security comprising N29.46 billion for Agriculture and 24.76 billion Naira for Water Resources.

I specifically requested that the Minister of Agriculture and his team apply intelligent ideas to mechanising our agriculture and all such ideas were implemented in the budget such that water will flow in almost every agricultural community in Nigeria because as a zoologist I know that food grows were water flows

Government is also planning big for Human Capital Development of which 102.3 billion Naira has been earmarked for that purpose with 35.01 billion Naira for Education, 33.35 billion Naira for Health, 33.81 billion Naira for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) interventions. I have always been convinced that Nigeria will develop when Nigerians are developed hence government’s huge investment in developing personnel

These are just a few of the plans we will be implementing this year. As I have already said above I will be taking time to tell you more about our plans for Nigeria in other sectors in the coming weeks. GEJ

We Must Not Give In To Fears This New Year 2011

by Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday, 02 January 2011 at 13:23

My Brothers and Sisters, it is no more news that our country was viciously attacked on both Christmas and New Years eves by terrorists who want to manipulate the fate of Nigeria as we approach an epochal year of positive change. They spoke to all Nigerians through bombs, deaths, violence and destruction. There was no national interest reason for them to speak that way. I want to assure whoever they are that Nigeria and Nigerians will speak to them firmly, effectively and in a manner our present laws allows.

We will take justice to them wherever they are hiding for our nation’s peace and security cannot be sacrificed on the alter of narrow interest.

I have instructed all arms of our security establishment to within the shortest possible time find and bring to justice all those behind this cowardly act of utmost wickedness. I repeat: they have spoken through deaths and messages of sorrow, now Nigerians will speak through love, unity and justice.

It is the intention of those behind the blast to get government and Nigerians to enter into panic mode and begin to react instead of proact. If we do this they have won. So we have to take all necessary steps to bring them to book after swift but thorough investigations while we also allow for no disruption in our plans for a prosperous new year.

As we usher in the new year, I want all Nigerians to be assured that this administration has made plans for the good of all our peoples in the coming year. Some of these plans you know, but I will take some time to touch on some of them.

In the education sector we plan, once the budget is passed, to spend almost a trillion Naira on education. This amount is four times what was allocated to the sector in the outgoing year’s budget and is three times the amount allocated to defence.

This is in keeping with the promise I made to you my facebook friends and fellow Nigerians 3 months ago that this administration would fight the causes of crime and insecurity (which are illiteracy and poverty) and not just the symptoms.

The proposed 2011 budget (the first budget to be prepared based on the Vision 20:2020’s First National Implementation Plan) also takes into consideration that for Nigeria to make any significant economic progress she must make geometric improvements in her power generating and transmission capacity and as such the 2011 Budget proposes a N500billion intervention fund for the power sector in furtherance of the Road Map For Power Sector Reforms which I launched in Lagos on the 26th of August.

The unemployed have something to look forward to in the coming years budget with the planned take off of the Unemployment Database Project in 2011.

The general idea is to have a database of unemployed Nigerians and their location with a view to use the intelligence for government’s poverty eradication efforts.

A National Job Creation Scheme is also budgeted for with start up capital of 50 billion Naira. The sole purpose of this scheme is to generate jobs for the masses and not for the boys.

Nigerians can also look forward to massive infrastructural investments via a Public Works Programme which will commence projects in all the 36 states as well as the FCT Abuja as soon as the budget is passed.

This programme will involve the engagement of private sector contractors to implement simple, labour-intensive public works in areas such as the renovation and maintenance of buildings such as schools, hospitals and primary health care centres; roads rehabilitation and maintenance works; urban sanitation and solid waste disposal; erosion control; and community works projects.

You may recall that in the months since I took office as President, government has provided and disbursed bail out funds for the textile, aviation and manufacturing sector to cushion the effect of the world wide economic down turn. This will continue. However, in addition to these, a US$500 million facility will be available to support small and growing businesses.

It is governments intention to do all it can to increase its spending on capital expenditure, but the public has to be aware that most if not all of the recurrent expenditure are a creation of law that this administration cannot do away with without changes to the constitution and other extant laws.

Nevertheless, as you are well aware from the various panels this administration has set up, we are working on making allowances for this in our laws. It is a gradual process but it is doable and we are committed to doing it.

These are just a few of the plans that this administration has for Nigerians to set Nigeria on the track for rapid socio-economic growth.

This is the best way I can think of to say a happy new year to Nigerians. I know that we have been through trying times in the year 2010.
I know that there have been people who have lost loved ones, people who have gone to bed hungry, people who have had to drop out of school and people who have lost jobs in the year 2010.

To these people, I say be hopeful and believe that Nigeria will be better off in the year 2011 than it was in the year 2010 because this administration has put a lot of thought into making plans that it intends to bring to fruition God helping us and with the cooperation of the National Assembly and the Nigerian people.

It is on this note that I, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, by the grace of God and the wishes of the Nigerian people President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria wish all Nigerians a happy New Year. GEJ

Tangible Reasons To Wish You A Merry Christmas This Year

by Goodluck Jonathan on Friday, 24 December 2010 at 19:55

Fellow Nigerians, this Christmas, I planned earlier in the year to go beyond the usual practise of just wishing Nigerians a happy Christmas. I desired to go beyond wishes and do something tangible that will touch the life of the average Nigerian such that when I wish you a merry Christmas there will be substance behind my greeting.

It is for this reason that I spent the last 6 months as your President working as hard as I could to have something to report back to you at the end of the year as a reason for your good cheer this yuletide season.

While there are many challenges and this administration will not be able to solve all of them in the six months that we have been in existence, I am gratified that this Christmas Nigerians can boast of progress in some sectors that they could not boast of last Christmas.

In the aviation sector we can boast of four airlines (Arik, Continetal, Delta and United) with direct flights from the U.S to Nigeria while we could only boast of one last year.

This Christmas, Nigerians can boast of five functional International Airports (the fifth being the Akanu Ibiam International Airport Enugu) while we could only boast of four last Christmas.

This new International Airport made it easier to airlift Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu (please pray for his recovery) instead of risking his life further by driving him to a farther airport. This Christmas Nigerians can boast of a Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria which we did not have last Christmas.

In the manufacturing sector, Nigerians can celebrate the reopening of three textile mills in Kaduna that had previously been closed including the United Nigeria Textile Mills Ltd. which has reopened as a result of accessing funds from the 200 billion Naira Textile Industry Bail Out Funds leading to the re engagement of 2000 workers that had been laid off when the company went out of business.

These workers will have a pay cheque this Christmas where they had none last Christmas.

In the education sector, this Christmas Nigerians can celebrate an allocation of almost 1 trillion Naira (933 billion Naira) in the proposed budget for 2011 to a sector which had less than a third of that amount (N249.08 billion Naira) allocated to it last Christmas.

In addition, Nigeria can celebrate this Christmas the addition of one new Federal University in each of the six geo-politcal zones for which work has already commenced. The 6 new Federal Universities did not exist last year.

In the arena of foreign affairs, Nigeria can celebrate recent successes in diplomacy in the handling of the arms seizure from Iran, containing the crisis in the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire and our pro democratic efforts in Niger Republic. Last Christmas there was a degree of uncertainty in Nigeria and our diplomatic efforts suffered with the Abdulmutallab incident.

In the area of human rights, Nigerians have seen improvements. While there was tension in some parts of the North last Christmas, this Christmas those tensions have eased. Last Christmas there were 27 soldiers serving a life sentence for an incidence that some claimed was not their fault but this Christmas they have been released and will spend Christmas with their families.

Last Christmas several exiles such as Nuhu Ribadu and Nasir El Rufai etc spent Christmas away from their friends and families, but this Christmas they have the liberty to be with their friends and families in Nigeria plus there are NO  Nigerian political exiles outside Nigeria this Christmas.

Last Christmas the Southeast and some pockets in other areas where affected by the scourge of kidnappers, this Christmas those kidnappers have been largely routed and normalcy has returned to the affected areas for the most part.

And very important to many Nigerians is the fact that there is no fuel scarcity this Christmas unlike previous years. Note that this did not happen by accident but is a deliberate effort by this administration to ease the pains of Nigerians at this time of the year.

So all in all when we count our blessing we can see that we have a lot to be thankful to God for this Christmas. And perhaps equally important to me is the fact that when I wish Nigerians a Merry Christmas this year, I have the fulfilment of knowing that I am not just passing on empty words but that through a process of synergy between the government and the led, Nigerians have reasons, tangible reasons to celebrate this Christmas.

So it is with this in mind that I, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, by the grace of God and the will of the Nigerian people President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria wish every Nigerian a Merry Christmas. GEJ

MasterCard reckons we are a nation ascending

While some for political reasons talk down the economic progress of Nigeria under this administration attempting to destroy confidence in our economy, its must be disappointing for them that MasterCard, the world’s second largest Credit Card operator, has enough confidence in our economy to make Nigeria its base for West/East Africa and the Indian Ocean and appointed a Nigerian, Lanre Monehin, to head operations. GEJ

23 December 2010 at 07:29

Education is out future and it is my priority

Again, in keeping with my stated principle of promising less and delivering more, I, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, in breaking with the past have in the first budget presented while I am president allocated the lion’s share of N933. 480 billion to education. This is 3 times what was allocated to the next highest sector, defence, at N313. 769 billion. GEJ

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In Keeping With My Principle of Promising Less and Delivering More.

by Goodluck Jonathan on Sunday, 19 December 2010 at 07:47

In keeping with the principle I introduced when I made a declaration to run for the office of President of our beloved country on facebook on September 15th, 2010 to the effect that I would promise less and deliver more, I am glad to state to Nigerians today that I have flagged off the official designation of the Akanu Ibiam Airport as an International Airport as well as commissioned its upgraded runway which will henceforth enable wide bodied aircraft such as Boeing 747s to land in Enugu and by so doing I have delivered on my intention to further open up Nigeria in general and the Southeast in particular to the world for commerce, industry and tourism.

I want to urge Nigerians to be watchful and notice that I have made a deliberate effort to steer away from the old practise of promising during election periods to delivering results. Please join me over the coming weeks and months as I make good on the principle and deliver more tangible democratic dividends to Nigerians from all six geo political zones of the country. As I have previously said and now say again, all Nigerians (not some Nigerians) can expect tangible deliverables from this administration because I, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, am a Nigerian called to serve Nigeria and will serve all to the best of my ability as shall be assisted by you the citizens of our great country. GEJ

Together, we are making progress, let’s try more

gain, I read your comments and questions about some of this administration’s policies especially the unbanning of some items previously on the list of banned imports, the prospects for free and fair elections, the progress in the power sector amongst other issues and here I have detailed one of my advisers to explain why government took some of these actions. GEJ

Build Up Nigeria Project Series 6

Reno Omokri Interviews Oronto Douglas, Senior Special Assistant to The President of Nigeria on Strategy and Research On a Variety Of Topical Issues Such As The Lifting Of The Ban On Certain Imports, The Textile Revival Fund, The Power Sector Reforms, The $200 Million Dollars Entertainment Fund And O

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Nigerians witnessed the speed I acted to affirm that nothing short of the actualisation of the intent of voters of The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire in the recent election will be acceptable to Nigeria and ECOWAS. Ask yourselves, if I come out strongly in support of credible elections in another country how can I refuse to practise what I preach at home? In 2011 every vote will count. GEJ

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An Irrevocable Commitment To Free And Fair Elections

by Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday, 15 December 2010 at 17:59

I have on this page and on several occassions made a committment to free, fair and credible elections. I believe that the journey to a fair election is one that we all must undertake.

On my part I am irrevocably committed to ensuring that Nigeria and Nigerians have an election in 2011 that we all can be proud of. Towards this end I appointed a man who is acknowledged as incorruptible and fair minded to head the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Also some of you may recall that when opposition party elements and civil society complained about the antecedents of some of the commissioners I had nominated, I withdrew their nomination not because they were not qualified, but because I was more interested in seeing that not only do we have free and fair credible elections but that these elections were seen to be so by the average Nigerian.

Beyond that, I made sure that the funds requested by Chairman Jega’s INEC were released to them with record dispatch (within a week). All these I have done to show Nigerians my hand and my motives. Some of you may recall that I even threw a public challenge to the INEC to ask for whatever they want within legal bounds and they will get it so that they can not complain that their hands and legs were tied.

Finally, you my facebook friends and fellow Nigerians are witnesses to the speed with which I acted to reaffirm that nothing short of the actualisation of the true intent of the voters of The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire in the recent elections were Alassane Ouattara polled the highest number of votes will be acceptable to Nigeria and ECOWAS.

Now ask yourselves, if I could come out so openly to take a stance in support of credible elections in another country how can I refuse to practise what I preach? There is no stronger commitment than this because if I can sit over ECOWAS and insist that the right thing be done in a fellow member country, I am also laying the grounds for peer review in Nigeria and I am not going to allow Nigeria under my watch to be accused of hypocrisy.

I will accept no less than what I have called for in The Republic of Côte d’Ivoire in Nigeria during and after the 2011 elections which are free and fair elections that are seen to be so by the average man.

As such, I call on all Nigerians to be steadfast and work with me. Let us not allow ANYONE rob us off this unique opportunity to decide the direction our country will go in 2011. We should not politicise any incident and inject suspicion into the polity.

I specifically want to mention the stolen Direct Data Capture machines. I am glad that the police have lived up to their responsibilities and have made arrests and recovery of items.

This is laudable and should be supported by everyone. Lessons have been learnt and government under my leadership has taken steps to strongly remind those under whose watch the unfortunate incidence happened of the need to be extra vigilant to make sure that there is no recurrence.

I want to assure all Nigerians that the process that will lead to credible elections in 2011 have not been interrupted in any way whatsoever. I call on ALL Nigerians to be vigilant and watchful so that those who threaten violence if they do not have their way are put to shame.

Finally, I call on you all to note that not only have I spoken about the need to run an issue based campaign devoid of primordial sentiments such as ethnicity, region and religion, I have walked my talk and practised what I preach. I say this today and I say this strongly-in 2011 there shall not be any do or die elections. As long as God permits me to serve you, we shall have genuine credible elections in which everybody who wants to will vote and every vote will count and the results will be sacrosanct NO MATTER WHO WINS! GEJ.

We must expunge poverty completely

The VP and I’ll unveil our Economic Blueprint soon. We’re cooperating with States not dictating. As the textile industry grows from the 100 Billion Revival Fund, Real Sector from the 500 billion Intervention Fund, Aviation from the 200 Billion Aviation Bail Out and Power improving gradually with the Road Map to Power Reforms, know we learn from Nigeria’s best to banish poverty in Nigeria. GEJ

09 December 2010 at 06:13

Celebrating with United Nigeria Textile

Two months ago I told you about the 100 Billion Naira Textile Revival Fund set up the FG. As a result textile industries previously shut down for lack of capital are being reopened. Last week, the Vice President was in Kaduna to celebrate the reopening of the United Nigerian Textiles Plc and the fact that 2000 workers will be back to work. This is just one of many that will be revived via this fund. GEJ

07 December 2010 at 07:02 ·

Be a good Ambassador

Build up Nigeria by thinking, saying and acting good towards Nigeria. ‘Like’ this and tell a friend. GEJ

Build Up Nigeria

Nigeria is the sum total of the thoughts and actions of Nigerians. The Build up Nigeria project is an attempt to highlight the positive side of Nigeria and get Nigerians to think and act positively about Nigeria so that Nigeria will be a better place for all of us.

06 December 2010 at 17:12

Goodluck Jonathan Some have made their choice. However, I urge the rest of us to prepare to answer whether we are Northerners, Southerners or Nigerians. My passport and yours says Federal Republic of Nigeria. When we recite the National Pledge, we affirm to Nigeria. 

I’m a Nigerian candidate and I will not be tired of pledging to Nigeria my country to be faithful loyal and honest! North or South, East or West, Nigeria is the best. GEJ

05 December 2010 at 16:56 ·