Mystery Bird Turns Human In Lagos After Crashing

The Mysterious Human Bird


Bird Turns Human In Lagos After Crashing–  A mysterious  bird has made a mythical history by transforming into a full human after it crashed into a shop in Lagos.

The mystry bird was  sighted by some members of the public transforming in the full glare of onlookers last Thursday causing huge stir in Okokomaiko in the outskirt of Lagos.

Just minutes after the bird, which was part of a three-bird entourage  fell on the ground, it  transformed into a full human as it struggled to regain its energy to power up through its wings again and again.

The real life episode was witnessed by tens of people who watched in consternation what many thought was a scene of Nollywood filming with  catchy prank-play. But the event  unfolded  and captured the mind of many onlookers many of who earlier had thought such a spectacle was impossible in real life.

This movie like scene was said to have happened on Thursday at Afromedia street in Okokomaiko, in the outskirt of Lagos Mainland  as the old woman reeled in pain as she struggled to regain power back into the sky.

The story had earlier been dismissed by hundreds of people who claimed that it  was a mere made up fallacy.

The Mysterious Human Bird
The Mysterious Human Bird

However, eye witness account brought the evidence in the above video as workers of a nearby company thronged out in consternation to record the scene in video.

“There were three birds hovering very low in the sky and one flew towards a particular woman in a shop displaying her wares early in the morning. The bird wanted to attack the woman, the woman spotted the bird so close and screamed BLOOD OF JESUS. Immediately, the bird fell on the ground inside a gathered water  and trandformed  into a goat before eventually changing into the Old woman”. an eyewitness account claimed, providing the recorded video as  presented above.