Black votes could sway British elections this year, says Black vote movement.

Simon Wooley, CEO Operation Black Votes(OBV)
Simon Woolley, CEO Operation Black Votes(OBV)

Election preparation in the ‘The British 2010 general election’ are in top gear  and African and many other black communities are getting more involved more than ever before.

Local Organisations such as  Churches, Mosques, clubs houses, pubs, restaurants and sport fora have been agog with campaign posters and hawkers being used to enlighten people on the need to get involved in the election coming up this Thursday.

Various Black communities are organising meetings and get-togethers to get black people mobilised, creating a new voting awareness and better opportunity of British black empowerment.

Political  engagement  as far as the blacks in Britain are concerned in the past have carried along ludicrous luke-warm attitude and an ominous air of non- involvement due to continuous feeling of marginalisation, disenchantment and frustrations permeating in the community.

British 2010 elections appears to be a different ball- game, ushering in a new show of interest and new era of self discovery and participation and new orientation towards the benefits for a people and future generation. can say there had been a major turnaround in people’s attitude towards the election compared to the apathy that had  reigned in the past.

There had been a more high level of awareness created by the black leaders’ new drive to motivate the community to vote rather than stay away on this year’s Election Day.

Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick  Clegg
Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg

In the past few weeks, messages have beencriss-crossing among the Africans and other Black communities with the message being conveyed more clearly and more succinctly  that :” The more you stay away, the more power will continue to elude your community.”.

Many Africans now are convinced that participation is important and voting on election day  brings more empowerment for the future of the community.

Last week was the peak of blacks campaign when a high level Black forum, ‘Operation Black Vote’ held a rally in Central London.
Black elites who organised the rally spoke in clear terms educating the black public that the black vote could sway the result in up to 113 marginal seats across the country.
They are urging for a more participation and involvement to get enough votes so that the figures can change things round come the election day.
“Operation Black Vote homepage”campaign is  aimed at getting more people from black and ethnic minorities to vote and the message was very loud with top political office seekers in attendance.

Simon Woolley, one of the organisers of the campaign believes the coming week could be “historic” as more awareness has been raised compared to the past: “Never before have black voters had this kind of power,” he  told Sky News Online.

“The race is so tight that we could hold the keys to Downing Street. But people need to get out and vote.”

The rally which was  fun filled with poems and youth motivating speeches was held at Westminster and among other issues had touched on employment, immigration, police powers and crime.

The leaders of the three main parties were all invited to speak, but all three sent deputies – and video messages – instead.

Sky news reported that Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party,( a white party activist) raised eyebrows by opening her speech with the words: “Good evening brothers and sisters.” apparently feeling comfortable in the Black filled venue.

Shadow chancellor George Osborne was loudly booed when he arrived on stage, though there was a warmer welcome for Vince Cable and Simon Hughes.

“Have the politicians done enough to engage the black vote this time? I don’t think so,” comedian Angie Le Mar told Sky News Online.

Joseph Harker from The Guardian said the problem was encapsulated in a comment made by Conservative leader David Cameron in the first Leaders’ Debate.

“Mr Cameron was telling an anecdote about how he met a black man once in Plymouth,” said Harker.

“It was like he was holding that up as a badge of honour.”

The Conservatives have 43 black and Asian candidates standing in this election.

A memorial to mark the tenth year anniversary of the departure of the Civil right activist and former MP, Bernie Grant was held recently in  Tottenham where many old friends and political associates of the former MP converged to celebrate his life.

The atmosphere was very charged with political actors charging all present to motivate all friends and family members eligible to go out on election day to vote.

Bernie wife Sharon and David Lammy were the hosts fro the night and  were much motivating on the need to continue what Bernie had started by not giving to foght for a more respectable more involving, and more life enhanced black community

Their conclusion:”All blacks should get out to vote and the  best way out for the black community to continue to thrive and have a say in the political , social and economic matter of the country:” Vote for that party that has stood for the interest of the community”

Diane Abbot, sparkling up the evening urged that the only way to have continuity in what Bernie Grant started was to vote for the party he served during his life time which is the party that had stood for the community, come rain, come sunshine.

The Chairman of Nigerians in the Diaspora Organisation Europe and Chief Executive of Ben Television, Dr Alistair Soyode who has motivated many Black through many political programmes has urged eligible Nigerians to come out in thousand to perform their civic right by voting in the election.

*Oh, they spoke so well  as Blacks have the greatest attention in history at campaign rally. Now, Check this out; Operation Black Vote