Blackberry 10 Sneaky Features Wow All As Hope Of Early 2013 Release Dims


With anxiety heating up on the new looks and features of the new mega device, BlackBerry 10, the latest leak has shown incredible feature likely to dazzle the phone World. Of much importance is the video fixture.

A latest leak leading up to RIM’s BlackBerry 10 operating system and devices — a data stream on par with anything you’d see before an Apple or Microsoft launch — came Thursday from a PowerPoint slide posted over at the CrackBerry forums. The slides show an unannounced BBM Video feature that resembles FaceTime, Skype and any number of smartphone video chat features. But, it also has something others are missing: screen sharing.

The slide states that callers can seamlessly transition between a video chat and screen sharing. That’s helpful if you have to share a important piece of data or you find a really hilarious photo of Tard the Grumpy Cat.
RIM recently released BBM 7 with free Wi-Fi voice calls. BBM has been one of most touted features of BlackBerry and with the new BlackBerry 10 operating system on the horizon, it’s clear the company is sticking with a known winner.
But the Canadian mobile giant are not I a haste to let off the much expected device which is likely to beat the imagination of many and may be release as late as March 2013.

According to RIM, reacting to recent speculations, BlackBerry 10 (or BB10) is still under development and not yet a finished product, adding “but we’ve checked out an almost-final version of the user interface, which is pretty close to perfection”.
Delayed until early 2013, the first BB10 devices should land in January– although we’re now hearing it could be as late as March and RIM is now saying it will arrive during the first quarter of the year.
We saw the near-final version of BlackBerry 10 running on the new Dev Alpha B handset, building on the other test units and newer devices we’ve seen in the past.
We’ve also heard about the first Dev handset to sport RIM’s famous Qwerty keyboard. Known as the Dev Alpha C, this will be the first handset with physical keyboard to run BlackBerry 10.
1,500 Dev Alpha C handsets will be winging their way to the hardcore BB10 developers before the official launch on January 31, so apps can be tweaked to work on the smaller screened phone.
BB 10 sees the implementation of a whole new user interface, with RIM doing away with the familiar BlackBerry system we’re all used to, in favour of something which resembles the likes of Android and iOS, although with its own unique features.
With BlackBerry 10, RIM has merged homescreens, widgets, app lists and a unified inbox into one slick interface, offering up an easy-to-navigate user experience.
The lock screen shows notifications for alarms and unread messages on the left plus your upcoming meetings as well as the date and time, with a button to launch the camera straight from the lock screen to grab a quick snap.
You unlock the phone by sliding your thumb up the screen and from there slide from anywhere on screen and the handset starts to draw in around where you slide so if you just want a quick peek at the information in one area of the screen, you can just drag to show it and then let go – with the device remaining locked (more on that in ‘Peek’ mode below).

A promo video showing off two new BlackBerry 10 smartphones ahead of their official unveiling leaked on Vimeo briefly on Thursday night, showing us what we can expect when the new phones are “officially” launched in the new year.
The internal marketing video, discovered by BlackBerry news site, not only details how Research In Motion will possibly market the phones – with the help of JK Rowling, Lady Gaga, and Ridley Scott supposedly – but also shows the full touchscreen device, and the promised Qwerty model for the first time.
RIM has previously confirmed that it plans to launch a touchscreen only and Qwerty keyboard based device for Bold users to upgrade to, but has as yet not detailed what they would look like.
The new Qwerty keyboard device will look similar to the current BlackBerry Bold, but feature a straight rather than curved keyboard.

The design has also lost the physical shortcut buttons to allow for a bigger, squarer screen.
The touchscreen model that featured in the now pulled video matches previous leaks on the internet, while the video is filled with mock-up shots of BB10 devices that match official RIM promo footage.