Boko Haram hit Military and Air Force bases in Kaduna


Two Military bases have been blitzed in a major bomb hit in Kaduna, as Military and Air Force Personnel were caught unawares by another Boko Haram suicide bomb attack.

The city was hit on Tuesday morning by three different explosions as flyover connecting two Military installations were attempted to be pulled down by the bomb.

The  first bomb was detonated under a flyover in Kawo killing 3 people who were riding in a bus.

A second and third a explosion went off at the 1st Mechanized Division of the Nigerian army and shortly afterwards a third explosion rocked the Nigerian Airforce base near.

The flyover connects both military bases.

Meanwhile,The Nigerian military has sealed off the scenes of the explosions making it difficult to know the enormity of damages done in all the attacks.

Many are thought to have been killed though it is hard to verify the number of victim relating to the explosions.

Men of the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) and the Road Safety Corps were prevented from going near the scene of the bomb explosions as soldiers cordoned off the scene chasing away journalists and civilians.

The Nigerian army has not issued a formal statement about the incident, a move interpreted by reporters on the ground as a clever attempt to control information emerging from the attack and possibly cover up the number of casualties.

However, certain details of the report claimed that the explosions which began at about 11.45am at the Ist Division of the Nigerian Army Headquarters, Kaduna left heavy casualties while the alleged suicide bomber was shot dead by soldiers.

By 12.15pm, there was another explosion under the Kawo Flyover located some metres away from the main gate to the One Division of the Nigerian Army.

Eye witnesses said the impact of the explosion destroyed part of the Administrative Building of the One Division of the Nigerian Army. Windows and doors were shattered.

Thirty minutes later another bomb exploded around the Nigerian Air Force Base located about 100 metres away from the bridge.

Eyewitnesses said unspecified number of persons may have died in the explosion near the gate of the Nigeria Airforce Base.

The multiple explosions caused commotion in several parts of the state capital as residents scampered for safety.

Armed soldiers have cordoned off the affected areas.

Armed Soldiers seized cameras belonging to the African Independent Television and Kaduna State Government-owned Capital TV from their reporters who attempted to take shots from the scenes of the blasts.

Also, the roads leading to the Sir Kashim Ibrahim Government House office of the state governor was also cordoned off.

Reacting to the attacks, the director of army public relations, Major General Raphael Isa confirmed the attack on the military barrack. He said in a press conference at Abuja that the attack at “the one division headquarters of the Nigerian Army in Kaduna may not be unconnected with the recent arrest of some members of Boko Haram.”

Mr Isa said that Tuesday’s attack will not deter the army from ensuring that lives and properties in the country are well secured.

He said that the army is working on new information that will lead to the arrest of more Boko Haram members and their sponsors.