Boko Haram threatens to bomb Americans and US Ambassador to Nigeria

Boko Haram Devastation in UN building in Nigeria.

The Boko Haram Sect has issued another note of warning to the United State, declaring its intention to take on US residents in Nigeria, including the assassination of the US ambassador in Nigeria, Terence P. McCulley.

This threat came after the Bi-National Commission had freshly agreed on a wide range of anti-terrorism plans and agreements in Abuja with a further move to represent the conclusions in a Memorandum of Understanding to be signed by the governments of Nigeria and the United States.

It was revealed that the sect is threatening several suicide attacks on American targets if the United States get involved in the sect`s struggle with the Federal Government by signing the agreement.

It was gathered that the sect believed that the intrusion of the United States will make the battle a global one and will hence render the hope on dialogue and negotiation useless.

The group had threatened to unleash what it called international jihadist on the country by killing even the American Ambassador  if the US goes ahead to sign the agreement.

An electronic mail to the American embassy in Abuja was, however, not answered even as security has been beefed up in and around the embassy located very close to the Defense House in Abuja.

The road leading to the embassy has been virtually barricaded by stern-looking security operatives who now man the area.

The US-Nigeria Bi-National  Commission sought to establish collaboration between the United State and Nigeria  “ by finding a way of bringing peace to the North through both security and political responses and to work with the Nigerian government and others in the international community to promote greater economic development and long-term growth throughout northern Nigeria.”