Boomerang! Nigeria may face disintegration soon unless Boko Haram is destroyed?


Religious civil strife and the unwillingness and inability of Goodluck Jonathan’s government  to hold the bull by the horn in arresting or bringing to books the architects of the strife may put the government on the verge of collapsing.

According to emerging reports, a big danger is looming in Nigeria as the nation is sliding gradually into another  civil war, this time caused by religious bigotry and the unwillingness of the government  to tackle the perpetrators headlong and clip their trouble fermenting feathers.

Recent events in the country have pitched many factions of religious groups against each other, especially the nation’s Christian and Muslim communities with the incessant killings of  Christians in the northern part of the country.

In the northern part, the atmosphere has been tense due to the targets of Christian communities and  Churches in incessant bombings, creating unwarranted blood-lettings by northern  religious terrorists called Boko Haram.

Lack of strong action to bring the perpetrators of the bombing crime to books however continues to create worries as whipped-up frustrations, angers and innuendos continue to build up across the country.

According to recent reports  in the country, Nigeria’s Christians are losing faith that the government will protect them from attacks by Islamic extremists and has threatened to “respond appropriately” to future killings.

State Governor Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu said recently called on the governors and  President Goodluck Jonathan to urgently go after the sponsors of the Boko Haram sect, claiming that the government knew all the sponsors.

“We know the sponsors of the sect,” said the governor.

According to Aliyu, the only way to end the acts of bombing across the Northern states is to go after the masterminds of the sect.

The  Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN), the national umbrella Association of Christians in Nigeria however has threatened a tit-for tat action to handle the security of Christian across the country, declaring the Christmas Day targeting of churches in several cities “a declaration of war on Christians and Nigeria as an entity.”

The group also criticized Nigerian Muslim leading counterparts for failing to condemn the Islamic militants in a louder voice to declare they are not in solidarity with the unwarranted blood letting of Christians

What's at stake? President Goodluck Jonathan seems to be asking

“The Christian community is fast losing confidence in government’s ability to protect our rights to religious liberties and life,” the association declared.

Pentecostal Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, leader of CAN continued in the statement. “The consensus is that the Christian community nationwide would be left with no other option than to respond appropriately if there are any further attacks on our members, churches and properties.

In the same vein, Saidu Dogo, secretary general for the organisation in Nigeria’s 19 northern provinces called during the week on Muslim leaders in the north  to control their faithful, saying Christians will be forced to defend themselves against further attacks.

“We fear that the situation may degenerate to a religious war and Nigeria may not be able to survive one. Once again, ‘enough is enough!’,” Mr Dogo said.

Mr Dogo said that CAN was calling on all Christians to continue respecting the law but to defend themselves when needed.

“We shall henceforth in the midst of these provocations and wanton destruction of innocent lives and property be compelled to make our own efforts and arrangements to protect the lives of innocent Christians and peace-loving citizens of this country,” Mr Dogo said

However, there is a new dimension to the on-going religious crisis in the country.

In the Niger Delta region,  A South-South Islamic group vowed to take a severe revenge  if there were links  of an attack on a city  mosque in the state to outside connections.  The group is sensing that religious terrorism could be on its way, being imported into the state from the north, where personal vendetta is being taken , this time aginst fellow Islamic faithfuls

Following the attack on the Central mosque,  the  People’s Salvation Front (NDPSF), a group led by Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, vowed to respond appropriately if the organisation’s investigation revealed   that any  group from outside the Niger-Delta region was involved in the  bombing which took place on December 10.

The group in a press statement, signed by its spokesman, Mr. Rex Anighoro, at the end of an emergency meeting of the central committee, also said it had ordered investigation into the incident and placed its men on red alert.

Its words: “We wish to state and make it abundantly clear that we shall respond appropriately should any one person(s) or group(s) of external origin outside the Niger Delta region be found to have orchestrated the attack as we shall not condone any kind of onslaught in the Niger Delta”.

However, security analysts are seeing things differently as the current events in our dear nation is fast pointing to a ominous signs of civil strife, racial and religious killings and even the ultimate fear; disintegration

Can the nation match on in the event of the on-going signals of disintegration?

A London based analyst claimed that many of the northern sponsors of Boko Haram may have their links to many big nations with underground network of nefarious plan to use religion to destabilise the country by those who have vowed to see the end of Nigeria.

” What is at stake may be a distraction so that nobody would ever trace destabilisation of the nation to those nations”, he sensed citing an example of the projections made some years ago that Nigeria may disintegrate before 2015.

According to him, the current events may signal a count down to Nigeria’s disintegration if the nation refuses to be weary and nip the plan in the bud

” We are in real trouble and the most heartbroken in the country at this point in time is President Goodluck Jonathan who could be knowing the truth about the impending doom facing our nation, but thinking it might be impossible” the source said.

“The best thing is for all religious leaders, opinion and traditional leaders, youth leaders and women leaders to come together and assist government,”  President Goodluck Jonathan said during the visit of the leaders of CAN in Abuja.

He however assured his administration “will surely do more to arrest the situation,” adding that “The terrorists are human beings. They are not spirits.”

“They live with us. They dine with us,” he said. “We know them. People know them. As long as Nigerians are committed to expose them, we will get over this ugly situation,” pleaded Jonathan passionately.

However, with the situation  is remaining dicey and no concrete action to arrest the known leaders of the terrorism action, in the proverbial sitting on the keg of gun powder.

It is being viewed that even if the President goes underground to appeal to the perpetrators to give peace a chance and they ceasefire,  the situation may still remain  and may reemerge.

As he put it: “The nation for a long time has faced disintegration prediction by the big powers, and the current sponsors of Boko Haram may emerge and transform to war lords.

Who know what is coming to Nigeria in the event of the prediction of the nation’s disintegration before on by 2015.

According to our analyst:” There is currently the fear of the unknown and that the current spate of terrorism sponsorship may be going beyond the nation’s shores due to the array of enemies who had eyed the fortune  of the nation and may want disintegrated to serve their purposes as currently seen across the world in vulnerable countries”

Our source however rumoured that the president could have read the situation better, facing blackmail by the foreign supported groups to get him incapacitated to handle the affairs of the nation