Bulgaria Assissination Attempt Was A Hoax As Attention Seeking Man Was Armed With Poison Dispenser


Oktay Enimehmedov, the 25-year old Bulgarian who was tackled to the ground following a pointed  hand pistol to the head of a Bulgarian political opposition leader as he delivered a speech didn’t really mean to kill him.Oktay  only planned to inflict eye injury through pepper spray.

The shotgun poison dispenser was aimed at the head of Ahmed Dogan,  the head of   the Movement for Rights and Freedoms just as Oktay walked to the podium during a party conference in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Just as the gun was pointed, the politician had put up a bold resistance hitting Oktay in the wrist and sending the gun dropping on the floor.  Other security officials tackled him spontaneously, knocking him to the floor.

The National Palace of Culture in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia on Saturday was thrown into chaos during the political conference.

Now, it has been established that Oktay had no intention of killing his victim.

It has now emerged that the gunman used a air pistol loaded with pepper spray that would not have killed the opposition leader.

Bulgaria’s deputy chief prosecutor Borislav Sarafov told Sofia news agency novinite.com that the stunt cannot be considered an attempt on Dogan’s life because there was no life threatening  ammunition and the gun itself was only a poison hand air  pistol.

He said: ‘With this gun one cannot kill a person. With these bullets one can’t kill a person either,’ as he observed the pistol.

Television footage showed the 25-year-old jumping out of the audience and interrupting the speech by 58-year-old Dogan, who has led the party for almost a quarter of a century.

In a split second, he raises the gun to Mr Dogan’s head but it appeared to misfire.

The politician then knocked the gun away and fell to the floor as he attempted to flee.

Security guards and delegates rushed onto the stage where they wrestled the attacker to the ground.

A separate group surrounded a shocked Mr Dogan in a protective shield.

Politicians then appeared from the audience and began stamping on Enimehmedov as he lay on the ground.

He was later pictured being taken away by police bloodied and bruised.

Prosecutors are now considering charging those who hit Enimehmedov.

The liberal MRF party represents ethnic Turks and other Muslims who make up about 12 per cent of Bulgaria’s 7.3 million-strong population.

Enimehmedov, an ethnic Turk from the eastern city of Burgas, could now face six years behind bars.

Dogan, who resigned after the incident, was seen as one of the country’s most influential political figures.

Two years ago he was acquitted after a high-profile corruption trial into payments he received as a consultant for a hydro power project.

Source: The Mail