“Bury Your Sentiments and Prosecute our Traitor Political Leaders”, Boko Haram Gives Conditions for a lasting Ceasefire


Members of the dreaded Jama’atul Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad group also known as Boko Haram are seeking to compromise their current violent posture demanding for certain conditions to be met by the Nigerian  government.

The group has said they are now willing to ceasefire and stop all atrocities being perpetrated and work against other existing groups if the State and Federal Government will truly meet their given conditions.

The leading spokesman of the group, Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulazeez, who doubles as the second-in-command (Amir) to their leader Imam Abubakar Shekau said at a hurriedly organized tele-conference with journalists in Maiduguri on Thursday that the sect was ready to hold the peace if the  former Borno State governor, Ali Modu Sheriff is arrested and  prosecuted with immediate effect.

Ali Modu Sherif was among three Senators placed under special security watch by the Inspector General of Police Muhammed Abubakar for their alleged link to the Boko Haram sect. Others are Senators Ndume and Zenna who have variously been in the news for alleged involvement in the sponsorship of Boko Haram..

Abubakar disclosed during the opening ceremony of a two-day workshop for officers of the Criminal Investigation Departments (CID) of the zonal, state, divisional and area commands, claiming that the police were still gathering information in order to prosecute them.

The IG had claimed that he was looking for more evidences urging the public to come out with informations.

In the Boko Haram Conference Thursday evening,  the group owned up that the government already has identified their political leaders claiming:”Even the devil knows the evil ones and those who are righteous. We have always known that there are political Boko Harram and that the former Governor of Borno who is a Boko Harram commander who was arrested in his house because he has a hand in Boko Harram”.

The group is now urging the government to bury its hypocrisy and  sentiment by  acting quickly,  arresting and prosecuting those identified leaders who publicly had denied them.
With the public identification of the political leaders, the group has owned up to the fact that the government may have established the whole truth about how Boko Haram all started.

“The whole truth is out. BURY YOUR SENTIMENTS, IT IS TIME TO END THE INSURGENCE” Boko Haram advised
“We will cease fire if government arrests Sheriff and compensate us” Boko Haram said.

Apart from the arrest of Senator Ali Sheriff, the sect also wants the government to compensate and rebuild their places of worship which were destroyed during the 2009 uprising.
Abu Abdulazeez in the Conference further demanded that the sect wants all their members who were arrested and are under the custody of security agencies to be released with immediate effect, and all their wives who were displaced following the crises as well as their children be rehabilitated into the society to create room for a fruitful dialogue.