Can Nuhu Ribadu, a messiah born to ever conquer save the nation from blood sucking vultures?

Mallam Nuhu Ribadu
Mallam Nuhu Ribadu

Nigerian politics has attained a different level and dimension with the announcement of a credible and youthful candidature for the presidency under the Action Congress Nigeria banner.

The announcement by former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Chairman, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu on Tuesday has opened a wide train of interest in the nation’s youths and millions of well meaning Nigerians who currently are loosing hope in the nation’s polity.

Already, a dangerous spate of unilateral domination and political bullying by the ruling PDP has inculcated an unprecedented phobia and  paranoia among Nigerians who already are loosing faith and interest  in the nation’s polity -because of the political muscle and winner takes it all posture of PDP since attaining governance in Nigeria.

The ruling party has continually agreed that the last election was seriously fraught with wide irregularities across the country with many elected candidates under PDP banner having been relinquished of their stolen positions. Yet, PDP’s posture has been that of no remorse with the party treating the nation with disdain.

It will be remembered that the ruling party brought  the nation to international disgrace as former President  Umaru Yara’Dua took ill late last year and cabals in the government  held the nation into a ransom with lies about the true position as he was flown abroad for treatment.

There is a big question mark till date about the true position of events before and after Yar’Adua’s death as the world looked upon the nation’s leaderships with absolute disrespect.

“The period was the most embarrassing for the nation as Nigerians once again were  put in the dock by the entire world to answer questions about morality, sincerity, honesty,  justice and fairplay towards the nation” said, Barrister Bayo Egunlae, a London legal practitioner who added Nigerians are looked upon by the world as a sick nation.

However, even though , the ACN candidature feature has been long overdue, the former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, has brought a new rekindled hope to Nigerians accross the world.

He is a national visionary who has always had the interest of the nation at heart with unequalled passion.

The ex- top police chief, declaring his intention while speaking in his campaign office in Abuja as he met with some top journalists declared: “I have had wide consultations around and across the country.  I have had the time and chance for me to look at all the political parties critically and I have decided to go with a new political party called ACN,”.

During the briefing, he extolled the values of inspirational leadership and good governance as seen in states such as Lagos, Edo, Anambra, and Ondo, saying their good performance influenced his decision.

He noted that such success can be replicated nation-wide.

“Today, I’m comfortable with what is happening in Lagos State; the leadership there has shown that the possibility of good governance is there.

“Today, I am very happy with what is happening in Edo State. It is also an example of good governance, transparency and accountability; a government that is delivering. I am very happy with what is happening in Ondo State. I am pleased with what is going on in Anambra State. And that has helped me to go in this direction.

“I want to see the possibility of bringing good governance to the Federal Government of Nigeria. The example of these gentle men has encouraged me to go in this direction.  And the first one is the ACN.”

He went on to lay out his plans for becoming a party man: “My intention is that when the registration of new members of the new party starts, I do intend to go to my own ward in Yola, Adamawa State, pick the ticket, and get registered as a member of the political party.”

Mallam Ribadu called on all progressives in the country to join him to pose a formidable force in the 2011.

“There is a need for a party that is national,” he said. “There is a need for a party that will give Nigerians a chance for democracy to work, an alternative to what we have today. I see the possibility of progressives and good elements across the country, including in the PDP, coming together to give this country a fresh start and a new beginning.”

“Nigerians are saying we are tired of election rigging. If Sierra Leone and Liberia – countries just coming out of civil wars – can organise free and fair elections, why not Nigeria? If Guinea, a country just coming out of trouble, could orgainse a free and fair election, why not Nigeria?  The time has come for free and fair elections in Nigeria.

The latest candidate in the presidential race, Mallam Ribadu, has a firm belief that he stands a chance of winning, if truly the coming general elections will be free and fair: “If the elections will be free and fair, I can assure you, progressives will make it. This is what I believe is happening, this is what is encouraging all of us to come together, to give our country a chance for a new beginning.”

On the issue of running mate Mallam Ribadu said he was open to getting input from Nigerians and that the team that will emerge will be one that will contribute to the rebuilding of the nation.

His statements have been met with rapturous ovation as the dawn of a new era for Nigeria and politically frustrated Nigerian voters.

Nuhu Ribadu has been perceived all over the world as a well meaning Nigerian with visions and determinations to deliver.

Declaring his determination to join the race on Saturday, he declared:” I am not  afraid of big names (Nigerian political Goliaths) in the presidential race and corrupt elements that might gang up against me”.

He said: “But David defeated Goliath eventually. Pray that I will be the David.

“I have always been fighting in my life. When I was in the Police Force, I fought armed robbers, I survived. I fought gangsters, I fought 419 fraudsters, big time corrupt people and I have survived. I am still standing as Nuhu Ribadu; I believe I will also survive this.”

With the support of generality of Nigerians, Ribadu, who has been made to conquer many  ‘wars’ in the past  may be the Moses of our generation, who will  wrestle the Pharaohs of Nigeria into submission- politically

Can  Nuhu Ribadu,  born to ever conquer wrestle the power back to the people from blood sucking vultures of our generation who continue to hold back the wheel of progress come election 2011?. Can Nigerians observe the National anthem wordings now calling all to  Arise O’ Compatriots, Nigeria calls obey? Can Ribadu give us the sense of patriotism such that Tunde Idiagbon has been denied to give us as he was eliminated through callous poisoning assassination?

It’s  all in your hands Nigerians to Arise and save the nation by supporting Nuhu Ribadu.

By EMNnews, London.