Canadian authority tells Kemi Olunloyo at appeal hearing: ” You have to go”

    One-band campaign squad with a lsit of crime victims she had represented

    All hopes seem to have been lost for Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, as an appeal hearing on her case on Tuesday yielded no positive results.

    Kemi’s application for refuge status was rejected long ago and she has been notified of Canadian government intention to deport since May this year.

    She  appeared before an Immigration and Refugee Board detention review committee on  Tuesday afternoon at the Vanier Centre for Women in Milton, where she has been held since Canada Border Services Agency officers arrested her at her home in the city’s west-end last Friday.

    Her appearance appears to have yielded no result and she has been assessed as very touchy and angry.

    Immigration Refuge Board  spokesman Robert Gervais told Toronto Sun that a decision was taken to keep her in custody during the hearing at the Board sitting.

    It was further argued that she might be a flight risk during  her journey back home to Nigeria, an indication that she might accompanied with security men during her deportation to Nigeria.

    Robert Gervais, speaking on the Board committee meeting outcome claimed that it was observed during the hearing that the person in the hearing case might constitute  a flight risk. Hear him: “It was argued that the person concerned represented a flight risk,”.

    Omololu-Olunloyo had hoped to make Canada her home, but it seems she has  given up as she is no longer fighting to stay in the country. She made no legal representation during the hearing.

    Gervais letting out the report of the hearing claimed that Kemi had appeared with no representative as she appeared with “no counsel”.

    The sitting also came up with a conclusion  that there was “no alternative to detention for Kemi  was proposed.”

    “The Board Member decided that the person concerned will not appear voluntarily for her removal and ordered her continued detention,” he explained.

    Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, 48, was arrested last week and had a 48-hour detention review by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada on Tuesday. “We believe if she is released, she will not present herself voluntarily for removal,” said Robert Gervais, a spokesperson for IRB.

    Omololu-Olunloyo arrived at Pearson International Airport from Nigeria, via the U.S., in 2007 with her children and has since filed unsuccessful refugee claims and subsequent appeals.

    Sweet mum: Kemi Olunloyo a kid

    The daughter of a well known politician in Nigeria has been dubbed the voice of the victims because of her voluntary efforts to help families of murder victims get their messages out to the media and seeking for justice. Her humane activities had no race barriers.

    Gervais said Omololu-Olunloyo has been “detained for removal,” which is slated for Friday.

    For several years, Kemi had carried out her fight for justice single-handedly.

    The eccentric Toronto city crime fighter, who for several years  worked closely with Police  faces a serious danger as she is set to be deported.

    Apart from her immigration crisis, Kemi  has been contending with the care of a health challenged son with whom she had put up in Canada for over five years, even as a single mother.

    No specific reason has been given for her planned deportation which was announced  May this year. but as indicated above, she had filed unsuccessful refuge applications

    Apart from making so much enemies among the Igbo community in Canada and across the world, Kemi has been perceived as a ‘snitch’ or Police informant in Canada, revealing suspected corrupt practices of many Nigerians  to the Police and other security agencies .

    She once responded to this reporter  during a conversation when challenged on why she was campaigning against fellow Nigerians so negatively and disgracing our country people in a foreign land.

    She retorted: “ I will continue to fight against criminals from Nigeria who are coming here to abuse the social system  in Canada. Many of  our women even pretend they are single mothers and want to exploit the system.  They try to beat the system and  want free money and want to lie to abuse Canadian  social service system”. She had always played holier than thou in many of her social networks, even genuinely she is a social critic with good intentions.

    This  sort of comment and  many more against Nigerians  have earned her so many enemies because many Nigerians deported back home had the believe she was connected to their deportation.

    Canada appears  poised to send her back  to Nigeria, her  native country by Friday August 24.

    According to Toronto Sun, the ever outspoken, and often eccentric, crime victim advocate, though having worked  tirelessly to help those who have lost loved ones to gun violence since moving to Toronto in 2007 is due to be sent back to Nigeria on Friday, as  it seems she has overstayed her welcome in Canada.

    “But if I’m killed tomorrow, at least I’ll have died trying to make a difference,” Omololu-Olunloyo confided to The Sun a couple of years ago while confronted about her crime activities and the dangers of exposing culprits.

    Meanwhile, the Nigerian Embassy in Canada has been accused of betrayal after it has been keeping quiet over the issue of Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo, whose circumstance of deportation back to Nigeria has dominated  the media for some time.

    Every attempt to secure a reaction from the Embassy has proved futile for two day now as all department at the Embassy want messages to be left on the answering phone.

    Goodluck Jonathan: Nigeria Embassies across the world must live up to their responsibilities

    When EMNnews telephoned the High Commissioner’s office on Wednesday afternoon, a lady’s voice at the office offered to redirect the call to the appropriate  section, only to be instructed through an answer phone  to leave a message. About five different sections of the High Commission office in Ottawa only had their phone placed on answering machine.

    Many Nigerian Embassies across the world have been bedevilled with inefficiency with little or no efforts to alleviate the plight of Nigerians.

    President Goodluck Jonathan few weeks ago charged all Nigerian Embassies across the World to gear up and know their responsibility as answerable to all Nigerians. But nothing seems to have changed.