Black and Proud: Celebrating the best of African styles in the world of hair and fashion



True Ambassadors, America based Royal Circles during a recent get together.

Africa has the best cultural heritage and  the entire world attest to this as many of our ways of life has been cloned by the outside world, trying to present themselves in African light. Ironically Africans are ditching their own and opting for Westernised and American outlook in apparent snub and outright condemnation of what once was their root. Shame!, big Shame!. This Christmas, feel proud to be Africans. “. Black is authentic, it is beautiful. it is colourful and more it is unique. Brace up for your  great celebration this Christmas season. Be natural and exhume Africanism. Here we celebrate a line up of African icons who are holding on to their own make us proud as Africans. As many of us choose to ditch our rich cultural and traditional ways of life and disgracefully opting for Westernised and many other phony ways of presenting themselves, we say kudos to our stars of this Christmas. Black is beautiful.

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Ekun Afe-Taiwo cuts a very strong personality. The top flying Architect knows her choice when it come s to styles and designs and colours. “I am loving and very jovial but easily turned off with rudeness, lies and arrogance. She is right as she puts off a phony appearance here depicting the real African Princess.
‘Face of West African Tourism’ Ola Wright isa symbol of African Fashion
A Northern Nigeria showpiece

A worthy Leader in his own right: Dele Momodu is a Fashion icon
Simple African hair styles

African Fashion, a richness of colour and confidence

A great hello from East africa
President Ernest Kaoroma of Sierra Leone: Very proud of his own