Celestial unites as church celebrates 62 years of wonders!…Shuns diversity to re-brand

Oschoffa - The founding father of Celestial Church of God
Oschoffa - The founding father of Celestial Church of God

September 29 remains a very important date in the history of Celestial Church of Christ.

It is a special day that uniquely symbolise the birth of the Church which was descended in 1947 through Pastor Founder Samuel Bilewu Oschoffa, whose name had remained synonymous with the establishment and success of the spiritual church, almost 25 years after his departure to the world beyond.

However, the annual remembrance of the birth of the Church coming up today, 29 of September is also set aside for Celestians worldwide as another remembrance day for the church founder’s exit to the world beyond. Oschoffa died in 1985.

Many others of the Founders lieutenants who had similarly contributed immensely to the success of the Church and had similarly departed are also to be remembered and honoured at today’s service which will be held Internationally at different locations across the world.

They include the Supreme Leader, Pastor Abiodun  Bada Former Pastor and Supreme Leader, Rt Rev. P H Ajose who championed the Church’s fame in Europe and America and many others who had served in various spiritual capacities to enhance the stature and the surge of the church into prominence.

Coinciding with this year’s remembrance day is the Annual Harvest  Thanksgiving Celebration of Celestial Church of Christ, (White City Parish), one of the oldest parishes in London which will host this year’s special remembrance service in honour of the church birthday and those departed leaders who contributed to its success.

‘Sixty two years in the life of a man is indeed a grandfather age and that is the status of Celestial today, a church that has come of age in every aspect of experience.’ observed a top member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Since Pastor SBJ Oschoffa answered the divine call in 1985 to the world beyond, the Supreme Head, Pastor Abiodun Bada made concerted effort to bring unity and harmony into the church with his spiritual talent. He compressed the Church into eternal unity, a major achievement that endeared him to millions of worshippers across the world until his departure to the world beyond more than ten years ago.

Pastor Abiodun Bada died in September 8, 2000 in London after a protracted illness and his departure left a big leadership vacuum. He is being remember for his ability to retain the church’s unity.

However, his departure signalled a new phase of division which saw the Church dividing into three entities, each division being independent of the other.

But for almost two years, concerted efforts have been made to resolve the leadership crisis with men and women of wisdom organising workshops and symposiums to shove off division and bring about unity and harmony.

Pertinent in the mind of many thousands and even the million members across the world are moves to arrest the current spate of speculation that Celestial is witnessing fractionalization which many believe has been caused by  crave


for leadership by many highly positioned members. The impression      created in the mind of many thereby has discredited the top hierarchy    of the famous church.

With the harvest season which kicked off early last June, things have  improved sharply to bring about a new unity and peace to the church.  Many leadership that had separated ways are closing ranks more and  more and many have seen this development as a right move towards the  right direction.

However, today’s event, as a unique one has been seen as a day dedicated  for the rank and file in Celestial to seal up a long lasting and permanent unity.

If this unity is sealed, then the world council of prophet will count its blessing as having achieved a major breakthrough in their quest for Celestial Unity in Europe.

However,the world council of Prophets, has passed words round that this year’s remembrance celebration should be used to organise a unity forum and this  will indeed form the hallmark of today’s concentration.

“There are misunderstandings but Celestial is still under one umbrella and there is no move from any quarters to break the church into pieces” claimed a top member who spoke to this reporter.

This year’s harvest period has been seen in various quarters as a fence mending move aimed at bringing the Church back to its root as one big family of Christ” a top member of the church observed.

“According to the source, Celestial in recent times has organized various prophet and prophetesses gathering from all walks of life to show the world that we are still one” echoed a passers- by who claimed that the strength of the church has given room for speculations and rumours.