Channel Television Reporter shot dead by Boko Haram gunman in Kano

Enenche in his reporting gear! Shot dead by Boko Haram gunman.

Channel Television on Friday announced  the untimely  death of its Kano state Correspondence and  Cameraman, Enenche  Akogwu  shot on Friday by Boko Haram.

Boko Haram sect has announced it carried out the killing.

He was shot dead  while filming the attack at Farm Center police station on Friday in Kano discharging  his official duty.

Enenche joined  Channel Television two years ago  as Abuja Bureau Correspondence doubling up as Cameraman for the company.

He had since remained  loyal and dedicated to his official duty worker for the world famous television Station.

Enenche was born in 1980 and attended Benue State University and graduated in 2004.

On his Facebook , Enenche  described his political views as Liberal and non partisan, and adding in his favourite quotation quote: “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are born equal, and that they are endowed by their creators with certain inalienable rights which include right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. He described himself as a moderate Christian.

Channel tv

He described his passion for Nigeria:”My love for Nigeria has been a compelling impetus charting the course of my life,

courageous in the face of adversities, hopeful when confronted with despair and delighted when the society makes appreciable progress.

His last public assignment was the coverage of the Labour protest last week.

The Management of Channel Television described him as very resourceful reporter and has commiserated with the family who had been informed.

Several Facebook friends to Channel Television and  Enenche have expressed their disbelief on  his the death of the reporter  has had a blossoming career within his short call to duty as a  resourceful reporter.

“Home of news, may his soul & other who lost there life in d bomb blast rest in perfect peace Amen”, wrote Oyebade  Luke, a friend on Channel tv Facebook page.

“A resourceful and fearless reporter, Enenche Akogwu covered the northern region uncovering breaking stories and events across the troubled northern region” Channel said on the stations webside adding that he had only returned to Kano two days ago after spending some time in Lagos. The management is deeply saddened by the death of their courageous reporter.

He was the winner of Channels Television’s 2011 Chairman’s award and was honoured at the station’s end of the year celebration.

The Management of the Company has opened a condolence register in  honour of the departed both in Lagos and Abuja office.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.