Chelsea Football Star, Mikel Obi Is Father Of Twins


John Michael Nchekwube Obinna (aka Mikel Obi is a proud father as his girlfriend has given birth to a twin.

In an Instagram message, the Chelsea Football Club international star posted a picture captioned:  ‘My whole world in my arms Welcome to the world of my angels”, tagging his girlfriend in the photo.

In recent weeks, it has emerged that Mikel has been dating a Russian businesswoman, Olga Allegra with the duo sighted in several social gathering. The cool headed and well reserved International star usually has kept on his low profile his social life and keeping everyone guessing about his private affairs. However, his new jewels of inestimable value remain his utmost priority as he has been playing a good father role to support the twins mum.

“Mikel remains undaunted about whatever is said about his private life. He is a responsible man who has face his personal challenges as far as women are concerned but has finally found a soul mate who would complement his social and professional life” a close friend confided, adding that the recent speculations about him fathering two children was exposed because some people wanted to dent him since having the knowledge he is becoming a father.

Michel-Obi-mikelFor the past few weeks there have been wild and mischievous speculations that the Chelsea star had fathered two children from different women.

According to reports, one of the kids is 4-year-old boy and the other is 1-year-old daughter with both kids being the result of two brief relationships with some women.

Mikel had remained silent over the speculation even though it has been claimed that he had taken fool responsibility in the caring of both children.
However, it was claimed that he had taken full responsibility of both children and in one instance  bought a £500,000 house apartment  in 2013 in the Home Counties for his son and  his  mum, and so keen to play his fatherly role  in the life of the boy.

According to a source, speaking to The Sun Newspapers: “John also agreed to give her tens of thousands a year in upkeep and, I think, agreed to give her a new car every three to five years.”

It was also confirmed that Mikel has been keeping his toes high in his financial supports for his other his other daughter who was the result of a short relationship after she met the mum at a London nightclub in early 2013.

According to a friend of the daughter’s mum, speaking to The Sun: “John has provided for both mum and daughter, leaving no stone unturned in the care for both of them.

The source added: “She seems to have come into money since having the baby and is keeping a low profile.”

John had confirmed having a serious relationship for two years now while speaking during an interview in Nigeria claiming: “I have found love.”

Truly, the birth of the new twin is a confirmation of a sealed relationship with his Russian partner having stayed together for so long and have personally shared a photo of newly born twins on his  Instagram account in Friday.

Michel-Obi-chelseaHis teaming fans continue to share their joy through outpouring of congratulatory messages.

This forum wishes the mum, dad and the twin’s happy life from now and forever more.

fataiBy Fatai Ogunribido